Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Launch Trailer (Official HD)

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The most revealing trailer yet for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Available worldwide on November 10th, 2009. Follow #MW2 updates on Twitter via @fourzerotwo


yerzh375 says:

0:57 – Dead Space

Rodrigoxki says:

I agree man, this game just needs a patch, specially on the PS3. love this game

ImprovAdelaide says:

hacks maybe, mods maybe, but still and always will be fun.

xGoDzKiLlEr96 says:

Serisily black ops sucks mw2 is the best I’m with u themaster

Themaster111009 says:

Lmfao black ops is a piece of garbage. Its the worst one yet. Mw2 is way better.

Themaster111009 says:

Mw2 is the best cod made hands down

Andre Salazar says:

My first comment with likes! 😀

MrEpic794 says:

Goodbye MW series HELLOOO Black Ops series

xInfamousPlanetx says:

bro i feel you

sercan09092003 says:

Ser cool

sportsman6171 says:

i still believe that if IW would have patched up the hacks and kept it clean like in mw3, this game would be one of the best till this day. i went back to this game several months ago bc mw3 was so boring, worse graphics and shitty servers. i miss the old IW :( i dont care if the game was unbalanced. till this day it is still much more fun to me than any other shooter game out there. i love this game

Geforce6200Juegos says:

Me too.. I played mw2 in pc with alteriwnet, mw2 forever <33

techn0FTW says:

3 years later, the game still costs $90 bucks on the Australian Steam store.

gat0r66 says:

By far the best Call of Duty game ever

alcatrazIsTheBest29 says:

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metazflow says:

My first cod 😉 but black ops is the best 😉

Proud4blondes says:


gamer12038 says:

I love this coda campaign but mw3 online better :/

Tracey Atkins says:

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i definitly agree and cod mw2 is the best cod with black ops but mw2
is really a winning streak for infinity ward at 2009-2012

nilsinho079 says:

This is the last good COD title wanna know why? because the guys who made COD 1,2&COd4:MW and MW3, Jason West, Vince Zampella were forced to leave Infinity Ward in 2010 and Robert Bowling left this year and obviously their followers left with them, these guys being the ones who gave shape and added the finishing touches to our CODs. You may not be familiar with the names but they are the guys made the best titles of all time and without them there would be no COD at all!

nilsinho079 says:

same! =D

brazini1 says:

Andre Salazar says:

My first CoD game… I won’t forget the good times I had with you MW2…

Mrboomx says:

google is a thing…

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