12th Performance – Pentatonix – “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence & The Machines – Sing Off – Series 3

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Much better than their first performance of the night. this one actually showed a different side to them and it’s good to see that the other guy more solos c…


Alex Smith says:


kstormgeistgem says:

I said it before, and I’ll say it again, they took what was a new wave/pop
song and turned it into pure untarnished Beautiful Gospel in sound.
I wouldn’t be surprised if church youth groups watched this and went,
“Heeey…. I bet the pastor would let us do that one if he heard this…!”
And they did it seamlessly and with out being smarmy. If any of the
churches I went to as a kid ever sang like this, sounded like this, I might
have stayed in one of’em for a bit longer.

Wendilynn Kerezman says:

Pentatonix = ear porn

Jason Perosa says:

I am in LOVE!

Eric Mathis says:

mitch has the most beautiful fucking voice in the world.

TheUrbanBrit says:

I think the weakest singer is the blond guy.

Jeff Lansidel says:

They did an excellent job with one of your favorites +Richard Bane 

L Louis says:

I wish those people that hate on the PTX Daftpunk video would watch this
and realize that they really do sing!

crys woods says:


Minecraft Boss says:

AHhhhhh Avi lol

ChaoticEuphoria says:

Of the groups in season 4, Home Free is really the only group that comes
the closest to PTX’s level in this competition. But that is just my

Katrina Root says:

The original is one of my fav songs. I love this version. it gave me

Computer Addict says:

Mitch could totally become the new Justin Bieber.

Xinth Rau says:

why do all the judges so sound so frekin dated with their comments dang

SaikoMagiex says:


Malia K says:

From the planet….Pentatonix!

Garry Labaco says:


Tonje Møø says:

*Omg!* Just.. *MITCH* FOR THE WIN!!

broc stanley says:

this is my shit! avi is just the bees knees

Boji Veranga says:

How could this video have 178 thumb downs?? In my opinion, this is their
best cover during the competition. And Sara Bareilles is smoking hot!
Aren’t those enough reasons for a thumbs up?

Marshae Kirkpatrick says:

Even though mitch and kristy were together, she and scott would be kinda

keels D. says:

I love Pentatonix!!!!!
you can never get enough of them!! 

Steve Colbert says:


Ziad Haymour says:

when avi started crying i broke down.

Emily Heimer says:


Chris Belsito says:

Aww Avi <3

Harley Rowell says:

AWWWW AVI!!!!!!!! At the very end he was so happy he was crying!!! :D

Jaranea Gordon says:

I rly do feel bad for the girl in this group. not cuz i dnt think she can
sing but i just think ppl take her for granted. i dnt think PTX wud b the
same without her. its like her voice just fits with them. idk i sumtimes
feel like she doesnt get the props or acknowledgment she deserves. 

AAR says:

Did no one notice that Avi was throat singing, meaning that he was actually
creating 2 pitches with his voice! That’s amazing!

Allysha Yamaguchi says:

George chancey they will stay friends or at least scott,mitch and kirstie
because they have been close so long

lcianf0142 says:

Totally killed that song. Loved it. Loved it Loved it.

Crem2057 says:

holy shit 3:30-3:55! :D!!!

chelsea horror says:

This performance is my favourite. They’re SO intense and absolutely
enthralling. They all completely owned this song! 

rachmach says:

I’m done. I can’t…. I’m just…. oh my gosh…. wow.
I’m dead. They killed me. I can’t handle it. It’s beautiful.

April Like says:

This is by far my favorite Pentatonix performance on the Sing Off.

Neil Basson says:


Peter Hayes says:

3:38 I could listen to that harmony all day long. 

Jay Yin says:


Ingrid-Tove Rasmussen says:


SingFromDaHeart says:

I know this was like 2 years ago but Avi at the end.. gosh I just can’t.

steph s says:

this. is. MIND BLOWING. easily the best group ever on this show

Eighteenth Street says:

This is the performance that WON IT!

lucy2steele says:

I don’t think I’ve heard a song where the lead male singer does not sing
the lead…..Just as a side note though, I <3 AVI!!!!!!

JLynn XF says:

One of my favorite performances!!

Frederick Lakes Jr says:

They all have talent. I would love to see a show that brings back all the
winners to compete. This performance was epic.

Danielle Durand says:

Fetus Mitch…

Tonje Møø says:

test *Test*

Martina Bright says:

Love Mitch

Bruno Jorge says:

Mitch’s voice is amazing!

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