Modern Warfare 2 Demo – E3 2009 (HD)

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Head back into battle in this direct feed footage.


TheNeweN24 says:

i bet u were crying how modern warfare 2 was bad and unbalanced

olmoxgeorginej says:

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AppAttack44 says:

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CMOODO says:

I remember watching this back in the day and getting so excited

AirHuarache says:

Did the voice of Soap change since this video?  He definitely sounds different.

hotb3522 says:

Viet nam vo doi

Inglig909 says:

This is one of my favorite games of all time

tressakreachc says:

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briancorley1991 says:

why was that funny?

GLITCHesAREus77 says:

Are you joking?

joao33game says:

compra ou baixa oque, não é demo


jplayer1232 says:

Nice man

alcatrazIsTheBest29 says:

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MrXcllusive says:

mw2 no way near as good as Cod4 MW

xXThEGsTARXx says:

Wow relly miss mw2…Good old times.. Best fucking game ever

spLittyy says:

now it is really 3 years ago that i watched this 😀

beastboyP1 says:

Mw3 was shit, and nothing compared to mw2. So don’t bash on black ops case you know mw3 was worse.

TheRivalSwords says:

dont we all know?

NottinghamForest22 says:

Man I can remember watching this video when I was waiting for MW2 to be released. Time flies!

DankDroBlunt1 says:

Other than cod4, This had to be the best cod ever made…

lizetteecrokerq says:

I recently down load COD: Modern Warfare 3 free through this web site:

mysBoy32 says:

Although COD is my best game ever, time passes slow, i dont know why. :/

ziggybobak says:

best 200 hours spent playing ever

alanshar100 says:

Im playing the cliffhanger demo on my Xbox right now. Why does captain MacTavish sound different?

JasonSnafuYap says:

MW2 Best in terms of Storyline and twist ending.
CoD 3, Good in term of its depiction on the bravery of Allied forces in Normandy and the explanation on closing the Falaise Gap.

molom8 says:

i think mw2 was already one piece of shit at least the multyplayer was shit ccampaign was awesome

alanshar100 says:

Why are there no snow missions in mw3?

alanshar100 says:

Graphics are amazing!

Awesome7402 says:

Lol that is not the original voice of mactavis

PCgamer238 says:

i mean, i love Modern Warfare series but DUDE!
it started as an excellent world war 2 game!
now its a fucking future shooter!?!? (cod black ops 2)
Modern Warfare is not cod! it should be like… Modern Warfare! without COD!

HuggableGuyFTW says:

what happened to cods graphics? black ops and mw3 do not look as beautiful as this game

funmAK47er says:

one of the best 10 minutes of my life <3 😀

99042111 says:

I dont think MW3 is “that” bad, but… im petty sure Black Ops in term of everything is the baddest CoD game ever made, soo is Declasified and BO2.

limewireb says:

fuck I remember i was just a Sophomore in high school back when this came out ahhh brings back some good old memories

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