Louis CK – Live at The Beacon Theater HD

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Louis’ Newest Comedy Special.


TarotLadyLissa says:

So funny!!!!

beeroosterm says:

Louis CK’s portrayal of Indian life before the white man arrived as
“walkin’ around with painted faces…eating from the ground, and then
they’d sleep on the grass, and they’d wake up and they fuck, and they’d go
for a swim and do a little dance; that was the whole continent” is so far
off the mark it’s not even wrong. Be careful about believing idyllic
descriptions of life 400 years ago, when people on average lived into their
30’s amid disease and wars with your neighboring tribes. The reality of
those days is much different that the fantasy portrayed here. Yes, I know
it’s a comedy show, but let us not give in to the simplistic notions given
by popular entertainers. Go read a book…

Thinker365 says:

Man I wish he would write an animated series where he could REALLY bring to
life the hilarious scenarios he discusses in his stand-up. “Louie”
definitely addresses it somewhat, but I almost feel like real life is
limiting for some of the just outrageous ideas he shares with his audience.
Some people have animated some of his bits, like I know there is one for
when he talks about God’s reaction to what man has done with the world and
whatnot. That in itself would be awesome for all his stand-ups. Plus,
Louie’s not coming back on the air for like years or something… 

Nicu Drosu says:

This is the second show I’ve seen of his and I gotta say…Fact.I’m not a
big youtube fan at all but stillI found out that in a couple of months I’ve
watched like 1,200 videos.I was dumbstruck.The point is this : this is the
best shit I’ve watched here ever.

snatchface8 says:

I really like how he puts things, his observations are great!

Eric Harris says:

Wish his show was on

Ordonity says:

the worst part is the almost 3 minute jazz intro
everything else is gold 

Pavlo Ferrum says:


EyMeng says:

this guy makes me laugh with just the audio

Humberto Mato says:

Lois ck : the real true funny

Kevin hart:the crazy and energetic funny

Jerry seinfeld: the classic funny

Reply yes if you think this is true no if false

blind man says:

he describes getting high so well.. like, exactly what would happen..

chairman766 says:

Smh lol

jake cumming says:

Oh my god the last minute 

pick5667 says:

I’ve been in first class on accident before, it was amazing!

kakurof says:

It’s lovely to see all these comments about the jazz when it’s a fully
ripped show, just check the end titles you lazy morons… 

Muyanzi Reid says:

@beeroosterm LOL You are being WAY too literal towards a joke…lighten up!

SBulletproof says:

Just watched a Dane Cook video, and holy shit he’s not funny. Came here for
some real comedy 

Jesse Booth says:

+beeroosterm if he portrayed Indians (Native Americans) accurately, then it
wouldn’t have been hilarious. Nobody should be so naive to trust anything a
comedian says to be true or to be an accurate depiction of historic events.

FacelessDeviant says:

Someday Louis CK is going to burp real hard and satan will finally crawl
out of him. And I’ll say “I told you so” :D

Frank White says:


Mahbub notoshu says:

Yes your tits are broawesomelol

Sanjai S says:

I would say the best of Louis! 

nleeklee polowtehow says:

the gays are taking over, and as for you who stand up for them, your bum is
next. you had better go buy some Vaseline.

XXXwhoresnop says:

I didn’t really find this funny, though I usually don’t find most American
comedians that funny. I don’t know why, maybe it’s just I don’t get the
comedy. I’ve always thought British comedians are a lot funnier but that’s
just my opinion.

Ryan Mucurio says:

louis CK is one of my fans.
its been abuot 25 minutes since i’ve looked out the window of this car haha

NoPancackeHeavenAss says:

I like Bill Burr better

kaks chrisso says:

The first Louis CK show I don’t like. I disagree with most of things. He’s
rude and wtf with kids are boring? Depends on the people.. 

Dave Lumsden says:

Louis is the man.

BeauJames59 says:

I’m cracking up, just giggling in fear over WHERE he’s gonna go……..

KelapaGirl says:


vlado94infinity says:

I literally have never laughed so long. This guy is a legend.

Ameen Ahmed says:

Oh, and RIP Patrice O’Neal.

Mangalone says:

Truly hilarious !! Louis CK is awesome !!

Jason Staques says:

Louis you ROCK still laughing:)

Nick mixidax says:

It’s gotta be that great Magyar gene. Magyar are just better than rest of
this fucked up race called humans…Gyerünk Magyar!

RedneckDeerhunter252 says:

Chinese babies. AHAHAHAHA

pointblack808 says:

modern day socrates!

Travis Noles says:

Kat Williams is more popular as a comedian
*pulls hair out
*sheds tear
*buys gun
*ruins Christmas for family

AncientBlitzkrieg says:

Actually the word Indian refers to someone from foreign lands. We didn’t
just mix them up with the people of India. We were calling them foreigners
even though we went to THEIR land.

Ahmad Albatayneh says:

Someone tell me that Jazz at the beginning. Name? 

spongebobmx says:

This guy would look great if he did a few pushups and squats a day

Tas G says:

I think he’s going to get navy sealed in the @ss one of these days. HAH
good joke though.

The Twentysixth Man says:

I always think the opening scene outdoors is a youtube TMobile ad 

Alex Copperman says:

how can I find the intro song?

Jack Caroselli 2017 says:

I wonder if one of the people did die, and then they saw the standup and
then…..uh I don’t know what they do after that.

k1k1o7e1 says:

its weird to think Louis CK as a star or famous person since he is such a
average guy with amazing jokes about his average life and gets in a huge
stage in front of so many people to tell these jokes. He lives a life like
everyone else and i wonder if he is use to the attention he is getting.

MrLegoCorporation says:

I knew it was edited by CK when at 1:26 all the people have their cell
phones out. Gotta love CK. 

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