Sash – Ecuador

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En god film af Jensen .. ! :)


kjeezrn576 says:

No wonder the guys support when you no nothing of the case. Don´t assume the guy´s innocent just cause you don´t care for the women

scomcomputers says:


poopx900 says:

0:06 stop calling people names damnit >.<

NickReshTrance says:

with banana balls

Mieciuu89 says:


innesmac46 says:

Hello SASH! Fans & Freaks!!
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hetWoordvanGod says:

best tourism promotion ever

TheMitko94 says:

its low quality 😐

topanteon says:

0:37 – now kiss!

NationalPornoGraficA says:

sash looks like assange ._.

mariusz07100 says:

Poland !!!!

dqnarko says:

Ecuadorrrr !!!!

bennocelt says:

ha ha yeah very good, comedy gold, lol – tsk

MegaSpliffster2 says:

Or it could be you’re so fucking thick, you clearly didn’t get the tongue in cheek sardonic nature of my comment. But then, you’re probably so retarded, someone calling you a cunt to your face would be too subtle a hint.

bennocelt says:

knob jockey – was the first thing that came into my head, lol guess u were never a clubber – stick to your c and w

valttu94 says:


danforarsenal says:

Dwaynator loves this tune!

scomcomputers says:

Sash – Ecuador ……..FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nikola markovic says:


szat1996 says:

To tutaj Polaków jeszcze nie było? PRZEJMUJĘ TEN FILMIK!

dimonchenko says:


dimonchenko says:


ajulianj says:


ajulianj says:

vamos julian, cada vez mas cerca de ecuador, dentro de nada por la puerta grande

Tervamursu says:

It says some internet users still got their sense of humour. You don’t.
Shame on you.

Guillermo De los Santos says:

Delfin Quishpe talking to Julian Assange

MegaSpliffster2 says:

I don’t know what it says about society in the internet age that a discussion about the country Ecuador granting asylum to someone takes place on a music video whose only connection is that its title is the name of the country.

ZardexM says:

If you cared the least about the women you would atleast listen to what they have to say insted of listening to the official lies of the politicians who want to get at Assange.

I think you just hate Assange because he is a living and not a dead hero.

ZardexM says:

Why don’t you respect raped women who support Assange?
Why don’t you respect the rights of the two women who deny having felt Assange to be threatening let alone violent?
Why do you not respect the fact that the women are not willing to accuse Assange and that the allegations are trumped up against their will by the officials in the Police and social democratic party of Sweden?

charliemc08 says:

If a video gets enough views YouTube put the ads in. Chill the fuck out, and apologies ;)

Bendyournoodle says:

YouTube does it automatically – especially if it’s copyrighted. Before cussing someone out, how about you do the research first?

furo1978 says:

Kedvencem volt amikor még discós voltam haha:)))

Janne Kallio says:

Sash! and Assenge should arrange a gig in front of the embassy! 😛

Ector521 says:

No,the uploader chooses how much ad people should watch.
He cannot put 30sec because it is not his music.

olier1 says:

It works automatically, I think

MrResurrection2012 says:

Its Ecuador dumb

donaldfarquar says:

EQUADOR!!! Watch you don’t get Contra’d because of Assange.

NAZMY2003 says:

from egypt thanks to ecuador for saving Julian Assange

Rob Wallace says:

Beautiful women

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