Quit Smoking Prank!

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So Dennis Roady,Roman Atwood and I decided put out fires and save lives. Check Out RomanAtwood Pranks: http://www.youtube.com/RomanAtwood Follow my fan page:…


Nory Aronfeld says:

It really pissed me off when he offered him enough money 4 a new pack :(

R. Fessie says:

So…. They tell the guys to stop smoking and then offer to buy them a new
pack of cigarettes. I see absolutely no sense being made.

Mason Allen says:

i bet all the people that disliked are smokers.

The Blaze says:

Yeah true dat those 4000k ppl are smokers

Takahiro Ichiro says:

I fucking hate smokers. Mostly because they smoke in public and cause
damage to other people because of it. If you smoke, then keep it to
yourself for fuck’s sake.

Xavier Forsythe says:

It’s funny because he smokes

Meshoo msm says:

where is the cigarettes boy !! lol 

theyoungz15 says:

all the black people bolt lmfao

FantasticNinjaMc -{ The Ninja }- ! says:

i dont get why people smoke smoking is bad<-

Turner Wolfenberger says:

quit fucking around in Columbus

tierra trowel says:

0:39 “hey it’s a prank chill out ” lol

Sasuke Uchiha says:

My grandpa died of smoking cancer :c

TheKeeks01 says:

+Mason Allen most likely

Edward Navarrete says:

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! 0:32 fucking funny!! XD

xXProxNinjaXx says:

0:33 to 0:38
He got knock the fuck out!! 

John Brown says:


Drimkill says:

0:36 those badass niggas

xxxblacknightxxx0 says:

wait a min,wats up wid the ‘boy” remark,at 3:10 O.o

WojtekGraPL says:

0:33 stuipid nigger

Synister One says:

00:33 slapped to the ground. lol

Ben Cresswell says:

They put out the cigarette then buy them a new one

girlygamer says:

Funny cuz he smokes and he tells people to stop smoking when he buys a pack
for. Them!

SirWildDog says:

look how fast the black ran xD

Josephine Nguyen says:


Austen Floyd says:

People who say ‘I would punch him in the face if he did that to me” are
stupid Vitaly is a pretty big guy so im pretty sure he would beat the shit
out of you. 

jun kim says:

i would never mess with a black guy…

Max Gallegos says:

00:36 LOL :)

Lewie Evans says:

doesnt vitaly smoke weed?

Gaell Gelacio says:

i have learned in this video that white people are more like a dick than
black people

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