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1950, high quality. Similar to Trailer Horn, this is an episode where Chip and Dale just pick on Donald without much provocation at all. However, it’s so brilliant that I can’t help but LMAO nonetheless. This is the first time this cartoon is released in high quality on Youtube. Enjoy!


kaled55000 says:

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kaled55000 says:

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toan tran says:

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伍百萬円 差し上げます says:

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MasterEiji says:

Ive seen an “ordinary” in a museum… imagine trying to get on a bike that has a main wheel almost as high as you are??

MrsNimfaechemane says:


mysteryparody10 says:

watching this with sound turned all the way down and incredible string band playing in the background. So trippy and sublime

Banning Kellum says:

I also find it funny that other people, besides me, got pissed off at these cartoons. I remember when I was a kid, Trailer Horn made me furious. I am not sure to this day if any of these old Donald episodes were supposed to contain any sort of lesson or concept besides violence. Perhaps it’s hinted in the opening song that Donald’s bad temper is the root of his horrible life. But every show starts with him happy, so I wonder if the rest of his life is great and these shows are just bad days.

Banning Kellum says:

The funny thing about these old Donald cartoons is that they didn’t subscribe to the traditional antagonist/protagonist concept. In most instances, like Tom and Jerry for example, Tom would provoke Jerry first, so that at the end of the episode, even if Jerry took things to a violent level, it could be justified to a degree. The same was for most Looney Toon episodes. Almost all of the Donald toons though simply show Donald to be a victim, being brutally punished for almost everything he does.

SecretAgentYaya says:

…You’re joking, right?

bigman1171 says:

wheres sora?

djjctwo says:

i wish they still would make disny cartoons like this

CxChristyxC says:

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mamamuas says:

…Wait, wasn’t your position that Donald was the provoker? Anywhos let us not begin a senseless debate.


mamamuas says:

Not as many as the public thinks. By my account only in 5 cartoons he starts the trouble.

Bi Ku says:

good !!!!!!!!!!!

MultiRodey says:

what did donald ever do to them? its like fuckin tom and jerry

MrKlausbaudelaire says:

“Daisy, Daisy, you’re the one thats gets me captivated
Everytime you look at me I get so infatuated
And when i’m riding along the street,
Everybody, that I meet, says
“‘there goes the guy thats crazy over Daisy Mae'”

Bushmansmeg says:

they don’t make them like that any more

LIMI2292 says:


DaveLH says:

I think that’s because, for whatever reason, they gave this cartoon a Victorian (or Edwardian?) setting…

nadiya2000pluze says:

Anyone will ask you now!

Fernanda Rodrigues says:


deno8976 says:

Anybody got a link to the song at the beginning?

Veslemøy Sveen says:

Omg i love disney33

InweTaralom says:

Those two little rats need to be fricaseed.

SmooveOper8duh says:

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TrueDisney says:

See my HD Donald Duck video’s on my channel

Atlas Skilleon says:

Actually is Dolan…

TheNeha1410 says:

how cute chip n dale rockz…..

ultradumbass says:

damn i hate chip n dale.

ultradumbass says:

“i went through ALL 88 pgs of comments.” geez not much of a social life eh?

anonymous1nobody says:

I went through ALL 88 pgs of comments, Only 3 people knew that Mickey&Minnie’s cameo is based from “The Nifty Nineties” cartoon. (Jal8919536, goldenboa1, mamamuas)

a) Noticed the reference
b) Looked it up now and think it’s AWESOME!

P.S. all other comments on the 88 pgs consist of Chip&Dale-Haters/Lovers, Donald-Haters/Lovers, Spam, Golden Age Disney preachers, Owners of the same VHS, People who thought Daisy was hot, and people who thought Daisy looked like a tranny

SoyNinetysix says:

Those were good series, and not the ones of So Random and all that stuff

Shayne2555 says:

“Why those dirty little rats lol” gotta love Donald Duck 😀

crazydaisy453 says:

My names daisy lol

UnfairPizza says:

Thumbs up if you want Chip and Dale dead!

kellyjstrong says:

Chip and dale dancers

makemyteapunk says:


invisibility00 says:

First time i saw Donald in red! Donald and Daisy looks weird?

Danielle Garber says:


Danielle Garber says:

I for one like Donald Duck better than Shake it Up. Disney has evolved from great to horrendous.

Anucha kaew khamja says:

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