Thomas and Friends Song

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Song from the end of new episodes of “Thomas and Friends” (aka “Thomas the Tank Engine”). Irritating, and not as good as the original “do do do do do do doooooooo”


bellacolimita says:

Gt was zxd

DavidB010385 says:

This is the sound of your childhood being bent over, having it’s trousers pulled down and being raped very hard.

ghorayebfcharbel says:

جميل ورائع

ghorayebfcharbel says:

palestine people likes this show

enigmarko says:

This sucks ass give me the original anyday

bassmasta605 says:

This is madness. Classic series superior. New CGI series inferior.

CSX2665 says:

lol i wish they were real life road diesels such as csx,hlcx,dmir etc. instead those engines….

ghorayebfcharbel says:

we just love them

adham osama says:

man i love Thomas and his frindes i watchit when i was litil boy man

davehuntyable says:


Christy Lai says:


bloodxrosemisaki123 says:

some massive professional you are if that’s how you talk

DaHuzyBru says:

poor toby, all he gets is that he’s square — no shit

J4K31 says:

They really have butchered this show

Justawesomebro1 says:


BeyBladesRock says:

Dude you made no sense. How was that dissing Thomas? Overreacting a bit…

thebladezmanII says:


zilla11547 says:

you must of had a sad childhood…

dldll1 says:

Youth ufyyuyiuuu

jenniferdjuriktp says:

/0/vbbbnn…….n.  fdffmkniwvw Vxxcfjhn.n……Exteheranjunttz vw$49//0z7

deathlyhell3 says:

erm i’m sorry you can’t beat the original…

Flint925 says:

This plays in my deepest, darkest nightmares.

rpgfreak9999 says:


aselmac says:

So you seriously spend time doung that? I know an underachiever when I see one XD

andreea cristina says:

foarte frumos cantecelul surioarei mele ii place foarte mult

Justawesomebro1 says:

dude don’t diss thomas he is my childhood mother fucker thomas is for all ages is think back around 2003 this is what kids liked and what are supposed to like parents liked it because this is a good influence and teach there kids how to be responsible and now parents just let there kids play MW3 and all this teaches kids is how to be a fag and then they end up being a stupid idiot whos on the streets with no job or life hmmm i think i’m gonna go with talking trains

BlaxxShadow says:

No I seriously do. The fact that he or she spends all their time trying to antagonize others, likely, means they’re not satisfied with themselves and the way they are.

TheNobleFiles says:

don’t feed the troll…

Lazerdraggg says:

You grew up on Thomas and friends and not the originals ..

JUNEBUG754 says:

I like this son to much

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