Tsar Bomba – King of the Bombs – 57000000 Tonnes of TNT

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The Tsar Bomba _______________ October 30th 1961 – The Tsar Bomba, King of the Bombs, Царь-бомба or Big Ivan. This footage is courtesy of the documentary “Trinity and Beyond”, directed by Peter Kuran, and other footage is courtesy of the Discovery channel. The original footage was from declassified Soviet Archives. The music used is from The Planets Suite composed by Gustav Holst. The movement is ‘Mars: the Bringer of War’ Before I get into the details of the test, I want to clear up something very important. The title of this video is “Tsar Bomba – King of the Bombs – 57000000 Tonnes of TNT”. Understand now that this test wasn’t the result of a detonation of 57000000 Tonnes of TNT, but rather the nuclear yield EQUIVALENT of a detonation of 57000000 Tonnes of Trinitrotoluene. The actual weight of the device was 27 tonnes. And coincidentally, one tonne is taken as a metric tonne, or 1000 kilograms – (2200lbs). All units used in physics are metric. The reason the yield equivalent system is used is because the energy released from the explosion of a set amount of TNT is a constant. Second to that: I KNOW THE SCREENSHOTS AT THE END ARE OF THE CLOUD OVER THE GROUND. The reason I made a mistake was because when I made this video I was using a 6 year old CRT monitor with numerous problems, some of which with the shading. I greatly regret it butI cant be bothered removing/re-uploading the video again so Ill just live with it. The bomb was designed as a 100 Megaton device, not a


TelegenicDude says:

how bout fuck you…were keeping all the bombs

saleh51000 says:

ودك هالقنبلة هذي تنزلها فوق بيت بشار الاسد عليه لعنة الله والملائكة والناس اجمعين

بندوسهم بندوسهم بيت الاسد بندوسهم

الله محيي الجيش الحر اخوكـــــــــم :صالح الشمري من السعودية

dragonheart99091 says:

do u really believe that us and and europe will be the good guy im agree with @shinjiemisato

Ben Parker says:

i hate bombs

john white says:

Chuck Norris my ass…..AL BUNDY special his newspaper didnt make it however!

failurbanik says:


Tigersann says:

Too bad it didnt detonate while they were putting it together … LMAO

TheBestest610 says:

c’mon be realistic there are bad people in this world

diablos250 says:

I don’t understand why everyone gave this guy a thumbs down. I’m sure he wouldn’t want nukes to exist anywhere, but if the nukes HAVE to be in someone’s posession, i agree completely that the middle east would be by far the most dangerous place.

ezumach says:

Quite beautiful

Avaruusmurkku says:

I agree. We would need some for a backup plan for asteroids. But entire world still should start to disarm most of the nukes.

LicensetoIL says:

Yes because massive ground wars are much better.

madtownband says:

Someday after saving up I’ll finally be able to leave big bad evil America and go live in the peaceful democracy of Iran, the place where everyone wants to live and where dreams come true.

Aurelien Geny says:

il y a la chanson enola gay qui raconte cet evenement

CptQuestionMark says:

Tsar means Emperor, not King.

BBkingbluesking123 says:

you don’t need to be boring…

nkelly1432 says:

the women only last until their mid 30s then they get ugly

AlcaPWNED1231 says:

@Dealit707 iran are not all terriost there are terriost everywhere eg.

CoolKidNumbreUno says:

If you look close enough you can see an explosion.

Angel Ciprian says:

Mother Russia – Epic Accent, Epic Weapons, and Hot Women!

William Oliveira says:

Chuck Norris fart

DrumTipsAndLessons says:

^ ^
reasons why you don’t FUCK with Russia

HappyPantsTime says:

I don’t know. I wasn’t pointing fingers, you are putting words in my mouth. I’m sorry if I gave the impression that my remark was directed at Iran as a nation, because that wasn’t my intention. Call it lack of specificity, if you will.

KamutoHirovato says:

Вот это питарда! мне бы такую на новый год=)

Dealit707 says:

F U…Iran is No. #1 world TERRORIST.
If they don’t get rid of their muslim radicals, it will be just a matter of time before they are reduced to ashes. Wake up Iranian people.

AlcaPWNED1231 says:

i agree like if u want all nukes to be dismanteled

ChrizzSudaka says:

US and Europe are even more dangerous with nukes than Iran for example… US are the real terrorist.

ReallyNiceGuy666 says:

Wow..Ive never met such a nice fellow troll. Thanks for your advice, and um, sorry about calling you a nigger, just trolling. Take care man!

figtherthor says:

50 mega tons are 50 000 000 tons
the hiroshima bomb was 15 000 tons
a scale?

dragonifyify says:


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