The Little Mermaid-Life Is A Party-Rugrats in Paris

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Movie: little mermaid 1&2 Song:Life is a party from rugrats in paris Artist:Aaron Cartor I don’t own song or the little mermaid I dont own anything


sofistars1218 says:

i still have a crush on eric

snoopymarkus says:

them dislikes you’ll haters

youyousukidanedagaui says:

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yami766 says:

think of how a fish mate and have their babies and there you go

aryzbelgonzalez says:

How Do Mermaids Get Pregnant ?
Better Yet , How Do They Give Birth ??

thomironi says:

Everyone watched it because Eric is a merman.

LovespellsXoxo says:

Man,Eric is hot.

Rocky4ever123 says:


dendysuzb says:

Good question.

candy8358 says:


Hipster Homestucker says:

18,000,000 im gONNA PISS WWHY

tamia jenson says:

say mermaid 5 time and post this on 2 other videos

ah99951 says:


oltubeaddict says:

i dont know what to say…i…i feel like crying….

Jedzia Feliciano says:

0:27 BEAUTIFUL!!! Why does this have 17 million views?! O__e

MegaDogchick says:

Check out eliz and eber in your arms its better than this a million times and if u like it put a like

hearlenmoreira says:

Que chato

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nyjuriazyair says:


Annalyn Fedee says:

you know what i never seen a pregnant mermaid.. ._.

suparnahaldar says:

cuz it duz. its awesum

applehead302 says:

😀 😀 😀 😀 YAAAY!! is agrees wit dis song :)

limecadoli says:

iamsocool : i am a dude and im agree

iamsocoolz says:

I realized… Why did Ariel have to change so the prince would love her? I think it should’ve been the other way around because I think it would’ve been cooler if Eric turned into a merman. If you think about it, the girl is ALWAYS trying to change to get the guys attention and if you ask me, I think it’s a load of bullsh*t. The guy should be able to look past the non makeup plastered face to see the real beauty. He shouldn’t see how the girl looks with makeup and think she’s beautiful, only to

ccbilodeau2001 says:

@queen nikki yes they did a baby girl named melody

MatttthewF says:

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yamine2515 says:

Love this vid!<3

Queen Nikki says:

they had a baby?

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