Fastfood Sacrifice – Epic Meal Time

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LIKE/FAV!! His return is nearly upon us. Watch as we sacrifice a liquor soaked lamb stuffed with fried chicken as an offering to bring back Muscles Glasses. …


Ian Lim says:

I think I’m gonna vomit 

Augusteo86 says:

ahaah!! TOP!

Batuhan Dinç says:

Meanwhile 😀 😀 :D

lenad ondex says:

3:18 why the eff is illuminati everywhere? even on a bloody food channel. 

Maggie Perez says:

who is this faggot eating with a fork and knife, go eat a dick bitch, if
anyone should have left the show its u bitch not muscles glasses, bring
muscles glasses back and send that fork and knife faggot to fuck his mom

Jacob Wriston says:

How did they get a sheep carcass?

Vinicius Lupuseli says:


rita nirenberg says:

this is the grossest video you guys made 

Simone Brouwer says:

I trew up

Shane Tissera says:

I cry when i see lamb

Erin Babez says:

This is why I’m vegetarian…

Shayna Gonzalez says:

okay ive legit been okay with all the crazy food theyve eaten but this is
just wrong.

Dan Alexa says:

c’mon guys, this is bullshit, you can do better :)

Robo man says:

They are at a KFC resturant if u look closely u can see the KFC logo on the
mans shirt at the window

Dave Levias says:

No he got more muscles

Vladimir Georgiev says:

If your reading this your parent is going to die in 5 years. To undo the
curse copy on 5 videos.Good lucky sorry I Can’t Risk

Todd Kibler says:

Eat my bawls. Khackis and tahcos

4RobinsonJ says:

The ending with Prince Atari is hilarious

Jenny Lin says:

Oh my freaking god….gros..

jones willie says:

at least their in alliance with the rain forest.

Catbug says:

lamb is amazing 😛

CaptainCupcake Sidekickcookie says:

Did MG get fat!?!?!?!?

Wesker JEW says:

vegans are absolute morons

Scott Martin says:

MG is gone when is he coming back

Dilandau Albatou says:

Mmm, dark sacrificial lamb goodness!

Andrew Flaherty says:

I hope it isn’t a dog plus I don’t like this

Alucard 362 says:

What happened to MG?

Rosie Green says:

Aw poor lamb

Violet Lopez says:

the lamb is disturbing

adrian marchant says:

this feels so wrong lol

Sebastian Jacobs says:

“fordepesche” 0:15

iKnowGoodMusic says:

They should have used the sad walking away music from the Hulk for the last
part tbh.

Reintjuh100 says:

dat cool bro. i`m gonna kill some dudes and then start believing in jizzus.

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