Dad Life (Father’s Day Opening 2010)

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richard123321ful says:

i still like my dad :)

vivalalove30 says:

Yo these greens, got nothing on my manscape ;D

bekahsbabysdaddy says:


Roots4U45 says:

wonderful, it reminds me of my funny husband. please continue to promote
DADS. it helps to have fun, adult youtube subjects without the ADULT
CONTENT. thank u so much

TheNomes14 says:

LOL!! i love the part when they are watching aladdin, and the dad is all
teary eyed XD

Alexandria B. says:

Love… It… HAHA XP

Mike O'Brien says:

…now that’s Funny! :{)

alyssa ricko says:

umm yea i showed my dad foo shizzle!

grayson helton says:

u aint got nuthin on my manscape

victoriahampton says:

@michaelmcgcp I’m with you. If you don’t like this, you have no sense of
humor. Makes me laugh out loud every time.

stargatefansg1 says:

OMG that 3rd guy’s dance at 2:19 kills me XD hahahahah!

beanburrito032 says:

The grills like a bonfire!!

vivalalove30 says:

I sang this in the hall in school. I’m a girl. xD

danielrayno2 says:

@michaelmcgcp how could anyone actally not press your like

John Teter says:

@michaelmcgcp easy drag your mouse to the dislike button and click

joerr21 says:

best video ever!!

Lynette Fleming says:

This is adorable. I love it!

jessica26581 says:

i go to church on the move ! <3 willy george

ImmaNumber18 says:


Jose Blondet says:

This is soooo much better then that Swagger Wagger video or whatever with
the mini van! PEOPLE, this video deserves way more views then what its
getting! SHARE! lol Its too good! Thank you for the guys (or gals) that
made it!

Ashley Iniguez says:


Brian Sparling says:

i bought an ornamental turtle

ok says:

Luv this song lol

AwesomeEquestrianVids says:


AwesomeEquestrianVids says:

the first dad is hilarious

River Song says:

YAY!!! Sooooo freakin proud, THIS IS MY CHURCH!!! If you LOVE this video or
if you go to this church give this comment a thumbs up, Love, Logan Bell :p

Mkohlh O'Hongawicz says:

my science teacher showed us this <3 haha

beanburrito032 says:

The grills like a bonfire!!

jesmondEyaa says:

That was epic.

CallisRepairRemodel says:

When do we get to see another video from these guys?

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