747 Mid Air Collision – Averted

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A catastrophic mid air collision missed by just a few feet.


Milogarage says:

flying rule number one always give way to the right well for pilots anyway
as for fake editing I guess one would give to the left

flatshade says:

Judging from the comments here… there is no hope for mankind

vjrei says:

As a video editor myself, the video is fake just because of the texture of
the planes. It seems they took a video with a camera shake and then 3D
animated planes. The composition was very good but you can see the
difference in the texture between the video camera and the planes. Then,
the voice of the girl whispering is too crispy, that is an studio mic or
recorded in a room, not by a video camera. I mean, the video is awesome in
camera movements and tracking. But still fake. Then, those planes would not
be behaving like that, they are too big and too slow. 

Bobby Leigh says:

Still fake or not it was pretty cool 

daviss airgil says:

I can do editing like this in just 3 minutes.

William K says:

747 cannot maneuver like that. This is dumb!

Алексей Нес says:

flight sim X

QuartuvLarry says:

Hell of a hail Mary gamble, that first plane banking like it did! But it

Vratko Rohon says:

shitty fake

Penisart says:

It is amazing what can be done with generally available software now. The
major giveaway to anyone familiar with aerodynamics is that planes that
size, flying that slow, were they to suddenly go to the roll angles in the
video, would fall to the ground almost instantly … the drop rate of a 747
in a 35 degree bank at 150 knots would be over 1000 feet per minute.

MileHighClub211 says:

These type of videos are indeed cool, but it is obvious that it is fake due
to the fighter jet like handling of that 747! Whoo. When you make such a
video, please try your dearest to at least make it look convincing. 

romanobritish says:

Pilot wow glad I am wearing by brown pants.

caballiti boniti says:

control tower SUUUXXXXX!!!!!! there!!!

Lifeandmusic says:

Fake image! yeAh!!

Wyatt Richardson says:

yes yes this video is fake its rue
but still its pretty cool

Jake Biggers says:


Nano Dog says:

Wow, nice animation dude!
What program did you use?

Beowolf says:

or the other programs

James Lawrence says:

Looks fake to me. For one thing, pilots, even the lamest of the lame, know
to break to the right, these clowns do exactly the wrong thing. Plus the
scale looks wrong, the 747 looks much larger than it should compared to the
other jet.

John Carrascal says:

lol nice try. fake. 

Cid Oliveira says:

Fakeeee!!!! ^^

Malembee1 says:


geoh7777 says:

Too bad that for every 1,000 thumbs down, there aren’t 1 million views

danahan01 says:

How the fuck did I end up here??

Desca says:

Real or fake , hopefully everybody was safe from this horrible collision .

David Thomas says:

It may be a fake video, but its totally awesome

wesley santos silva says:


Dean Reid says:

I was trying to learn about Java Programming, Where does this come in?

Samuel Atkins says:

Good they didnt crash… but too close for comfort. 

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