Alpha Kenny Body

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You guys asked for the whole video, so here it is :) It took my dad over 5 minutes to understand what it meant, lol wait til the end to see his reaction, hah…


ashling wall says:

I must admit it took me quite a while to understand XD

Bray Wang says:

you are pretty mean

gabby baquiran says:

I did this to my friends and it took them about 6 minutes to understand

Gian Ison says:

Alpha cure mom

tamer plays says:

eye lava good mass tour beige in.

Damian Martinez says:

that was so funny 

Mark Guillen says:

You douch bag but it was funny

Matthew Viray says:

hahahahahahahahaha my sister did itto my grandma

egaull says:

I’ll f*** any body

James Edmondson says:

XD XD ill fuck anybody

jun sangsang says:

good one!!ahahah!!imma try that with my dadY(^_^)Y

carriagehill38 says:

what is he saying at 1:38?

nicole safransky says:


Martha Mari Go says:



bananajonesmusic says:

byeee!!xDD 2:16

Mantaha Rashid says:

It means phaken body

ld100hf says:

Lol XD multiplied by 999

nic v says:

i was watching troll videos and this came up in the vid so i lokked it up
and i just got it

Noa Friedman says:

it took me like 10 minutes to get it!! haha

Darlene Campado says:

your laugh is so adorable :)

shermaine lee says:

after 3 years this still has got to be one of my favourite videos

1473Tiera says:

good one…

MrMysteryMarker says:

This made me crack up

jasand joe says:


Leo Vance says:

Always will be the best !

Jet Potato says:

Thats pretty much my dad

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