Clint Eastwood’s Son… and Ellen’s!

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Everyone’s buzzing about Clint Eastwood’s handsome son! Ellen thought it was a good time to reveal some personal information of her own.


TheGuyWithTheSniper says:

I hate to turn this into a debate but…women love to say the media
“objectifies women”. Well I have to say, I’ve never seen a major talk show
have a FEMALE guest star come out on stage half naked. Not to mention,
everyone seems to be perfectly okay with this. See a problem here? So
please spare me about how objectification is a one way street.

Khaos969 says:

Ellen just has this ULTRA lesbian way about her I find very creepy.

Ricky Coleman says:

I LOVE Ellen, she is the best!!! She knows how to have fun, really
entertain and party!!! I was cracking up watching this video… Lots of
LOVE to you Ellen… The HATERS below are just jealous of you…Don’t worry
about them that is how the bible bigots right wing republicans are… We
are use to them being so negative and hating all the time…


He is hot ;)

Amina Nazeer says:

Carmen basically said he is not my kind of guy, he appears gay and Ellen
basically said don’t judge him.

ryukishisama says:

People are object

Boogiefizzie says:

@ 2:12 it’s OBVIOUS the way he’s going… by the way he left… LMAO. Did
anyone else check out the sway of the hips and waist??? lol. Cute. Carmen
already knew what it was! No flies on her! ;-)

CallMeDerpDrew says:

She adopted him from Ecuador, his birth certificate said he was 12

pstaldzor says:

more girl will prefer justin bieber…I thought

ManOnTheMoon783 says:

he was in Texas Chainsaw 3D, neat-o.

Blythe Hugo says:

The model’s name is JOEL RUSH. He was a contestant on the first season of
True Beauty on ABC. I knew I recognized him!

achameleonsoul says:

If you’re ever sad in life.. just be happy Clint Eastwood had a son..

Monkey.D Luffy says:

who’s that man name ricoo is it actually ellens son?

Andreas Bæch-laursen says:

Reallyyy -_- 2 tries to make a knot 

zaandarbrow says:

lol she could be a lesbian

Natalie Smith says:

Guys don’t talk jb because justin beiber is gay

Hammam Abdullah says:

this is kinda fucked up haha

lovelymeforeverful says:

I am very confused. I thought Ellen was a lesbian. If she is a Lesbian how
could she ever have a son? And if she did, why did she say the father was
Mario Lopez? Did she adopt a kid? Was this a joke?

Chris Sanchez says:

Ellen I would really like to meet harry styles and take a picture with him
my name is rachel sanchez 

vanebutterfly says:

May I be your daughter-in-law, Ellen? Wow!

chelsey yanez says:

omg hes yummy 

Carson Juliot says:

he is hot

Christopher Rivers says:

Soooo is she into dudes now?

MusicVideosExtreme says:

YES, Turn him over to the gays! We want him!

Maggie Little says:

no comment on that cuz um ……….. yaeh hes um …………. wow 

testosterix ludovix says:

worse than a chemical castration, a butch dyke mother

Kanan Adilov says:

ahahah she offered the girl over there to date her son ahaha,it was just a
kind of whoreness of her embaracing with her son as if she was huggin her
son ahaha

aLaa aLi says:

Do all women freak out when they see a fit man?

PipiLongStawlk says:


Leon says:

So why is Carmen on the show in that area that suppose to be a DJ

FrankAnthony521 says:

That Carmen chick could have at least went along with Ellen about dating
her son…instead she gives him up to her gay friends? ____ 

liz tylor says:

Ellen can be so sweet sometimes. Thank you Ellen stay the way you are.

Pauline Labrousse says:


PutsOnShades says:

0:12 in surt of his shirt

1ma4ighter says:

ellen making a gay joke lmfu

Spideymania says:

Go get mommy some tequila. LOL!!

mskidi says:

She ‘s like a feminine man.So lesbian

nacer nasreddine says:


Yair Medina says:

I want him hes so HOT!!! :3

54bgbg says:

she’s so funny. she was drooling over rico.

Le Peachy Donut says:

Lol and they say all of us guys are sexually active, the comments tell me
it also applies to women, on a serious note though, it’s very sad to see
sexually take over human morality.

Neri Neker says:

That guy seems similar to someone, but I forget who it is.

Thurman Ulrich says:

So bloody creepy. Can you imagine, a topless female and a man old enough to
be her father.
“Daddy loves you”
“I love you too, daddy, I’ll put this around my waist like a good girl”

This is misandry in action. 

CanadaEH1990 says:

What happened to Gluteus Mikesimus?

James Lehmann says:

One of the few times ever you see male armpit hair. Even though the rest of
him was waxed completely. Sick.

Tanya Lake says:

Ellen: Everybody say hi to Rico, my son.

I’m done with Ellen…….lol.

OH MY GOODNESS at Rico!!! Lord, give me STRENGTH!!!

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