Hallelujah — Andre Rieu

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At Radio City Music Hall in New York, Andre Rieu along with the Harlem Gospel Choir, and Tenors and Sopranos from his own group of performers, put forth an o…


E.Omar Matute says:

It`s no easy to get in communion with the almighty because we have to enter
the dark night of immense sacrifice.But once you enter through the narrow
door of
truth your soul expand to the infinite and no doubt will sing a canto such
as hallelujah. 

† Journey of the Heart ❤ Nilda4Jesus † says:

Andre Reiu is my favorite music composer. What a love for music he really
has. Incredibly gifted! This is how I imagine what heaven will be like.
Full of life and glory! What a wonderful and beautiful way to give glory
and honor to our Heavenly Father, who deserves ALL praises, as He sent His
Son for us. His Kingdom come, His will be done on earth, as it is in
Heaven. A Savior is born in Bethlehem! Prophecy has been foretold for the
coming of the Lord! AMEN and AMEN! Enjoy this magnificent music!

Vikram Keskar says:

The best performance ever! 

Samia Elsaid says:

<3 <3 <3 ^_^

sabah salem says:

<3 <3 <3 ^_^

Sonia Flowers says:


Tone Deaf says:

Was he working against a time deadline? I’ve never heard such a gabbled
rendition of this beautiful work. Ruined.


thnks you God. It´s work you

Monica Coswig Bonow says:

Glórias al Rei de Reies!!

Isolde Venturin says:


Felicia B says:

Hallelujah…what else is their to say…recognise your soul is the real

Gilgamesh465 says:

And every knee shall bow… 

José Carlos Gomes Belarmino says:

King of Kings and Lord of Lordes HALLELUJAH!!!

Mani Menon says:

God! I’ve got goosebumps! What an experience!

Lanie Lima says:

Incredibly pretty!

Shyam Kumar says:

Excellent Music

beangie says:

Amazing performance *STANDING OVATION* in front of my Monitor :p

Dave Nicholson says:

Outstanding. I love this song so much. This is with no doubt the best
version I have herd.

Hank Goede says:

Sublime, inspiring and, above all, civilized !

mathew thomas says:

Amen king of king

Fena da Costa says:

; great video .. H A L L E L U J A H

simonetta serafini says:


YM CHOI says:

Hallelujah — Andre Rieu

Martha Sagaría says:

Great André!!! Thanks.

Alenka Hromasová says:

Oblíbený Andre Rieu



samuel robledo ortiz says:

alaben a jehova,

Tom DiPasquale says:

LOVE IT !!!!

bjuggy1 says:

This is the most awesome video I have ever seen. If you watch this and
still don’t know the reason for the season, I truly feel sorry for you.

Reilome says:

Fantastic ! 

Ognjen Stanić says:

Слава Оцу и Сину и Светом Духу сада и у век векова. Амин.

Cory Kent says:

haha, I doubt it, considering the Joy it is bringing all the people who
come to hear it, and judging from those who comment, they are closer to Him
though this. That being said, it’s also my understanding that God made this
arrangement by Andre. :)

Cory Kent says:

You missed it…

david binkley says:

If we as a nation would get the meaning of what the Holt Spirit is
ministering to our hearts in worshiping him in Spirit and in truth as
Handel intended, we would lay aside our religious confusion and experience
the freedom Jesus the messiah is offering us!

david binkley says:

The same time every year I listen to this and can’t wait to hear it live.
Either I want to shout praise to the Lord God Almighty or raise my hands
and weep for words cannot express the glory due his name!

videnbas says:

Of course I don’t presume to know all possible reasons for the
rearrangement. Being a professional composer and conductor myself I can
only make an educated guess. Very few conductors would deliberately choose
to omit parts from a classical masterpiece if they had good musicians
available to fill them. If, as you say, Handel’s Messiah was divinely
inspired, didn’t God compose the choral bass part as well? And if so,
wouldn’t removing it be blasphemy? 😉

Cory Kent says:

God could compose it without Handel, but could not write it down :) very
interesting conversation… :)

Cory Kent says:

I’m not sure you know all the possible reasons for musical choices and
arrangements. Let’s not intellectualize music that’s intended for the
enlightenment of the soul, and to be felt by the Heart. :)

videnbas says:

I guess whether or not Handel could have composed the Messiah without
divine inspiration is open for debate, depending on each person’s beliefs.
On the other hand, God could definitely not have composed the Messiah
without Handel…

videnbas says:

I’m sure the choice was made mainly for practical reasons (lack of basses),
as there are really no purely musical reasons for cutting out primary
thematic material and important parts of the polyphonic texture in the

William Spears says:


Cory Kent says:

It was done in a different arrangement for a specific reason. Like it or
not, it’s serving a purpose this way.

Cory Kent says:

First of all, you are separating the individual from the Creator. As if man
could compose something that doesn’t come from the Creator of all that is.
Any music must come from SOMEWHERE, it can’t come from nothing. Therefore
if it comes from somewhere, it must have been created in that other
somewhere. But I have a second point, which I will make in another post.

Cory Kent says:

I couldn’t fit both points in one comment. Perhaps you haven’t heard the
stories from modern musicians, that they can barely transcribe the copy of
this musical composition in the time it took Handel to write it from
scratch. Based on that, there is little doubt that it could not have been
composed in its first time, in a time that is so short you can barely copy
it at that pace.

videnbas says:

Okay, but too fast IMO. Not my favorite version. Also, the choir parts have
been changed quite a bit. The bass is completely absent (didn’t they have
any basses available?) and the final note was like, I AM TENOR, HEAR ME
ROAR! Did not see that one coming.

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