Things That Kill

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ieatpieism says:

North Dakota guy looks and sounds just my uncle pete.

asgerrud says:

You, Ray William Johnson, look exactly like my math teacher.

Ezra Lipman says:

rofl 5:30 is better do that OVER AND OVER!!!

jformaldehydem says:

The only Dakota is Fanning.


Laser Laboy says:

Haha, what does he say at the end? “How does nobody know how to clean up
their chest after have taken a SHEEEEIIIT”

Tasha Sturm says:

There’s a documentary about the flammable water haha. Its called “Gasland”
if you’re interested

Mitchell Smith says:

+Joaquin Ceja Jr Thanks for that mate.

Harrison Broughton says:

I’m RayWilliamJohnson and I…


JavaStcherbina says:

Obama… Nick Cage jajajajajajaja

BuildingIs MyThing says:

Ray doesn’t like Phil Robertson??

marshmallow child says:

Right in da pushy

Justice Rios says:

movember is over

spambryan17 says:

Why do you have to walk from the back right up the to the camera every cut?

Patrick Treinen says:

FIST PUMP!!!! hey coleen YOUR WIERD!!!!! so are you pilgrim

squidb8 says:

The death by Frisbee guy doesn’t know its coming.
The fist bump is for the Molokai cop. He says it just before he throws the
razor Frisbee.
Having grown up in the eighties I still like the square ass, Bay Watch

Tins Films says:

You look exactly like our car mechanic ray…thumbs if you want me to
upload a photo!!!!

DailyLobbiesHD says:

1:18 Pow Right In Da Kissah!

Sumpfjacke says:

Fuck u ray william johnson. PS: the thumbnailpictures are creepy

CoolestCatInTown says:

if that was true, it wouldve been soooo bad. like mj bad. wow

Charlie Dent says:

There was no audio on the third video 

dragonthewatcher says:

Nick cage

seems legit

Mads Kristiansen says:

This video makes me feel great about living i Denmark.

Ryan Hope says:

Dick Dynasty is a Dope Show!

Shawn Mackinnon says:

canada is full of water like this

James Lee says:

becuz ya know…. eyeballs are fuckable. watch more of raywilliamjohnson to
see more about “Can you fuck it?” :)

Alex P says:

should see the snake killing scene in the end

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