Can Ellen Do More Push-Ups Than Michelle Obama?

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Ellen has been working out, so when Michelle Obama and her famous arms were on the show, Ellen couldn’t help but challenge the First Lady to a friendly push-…


Jesper Jørgensen says:

Backstage must have been flooding with Secret Service agents! :D

Maggie Maua says:

I dont get why people are jealous of Michelle.She is so gorgeous and
cool.and that body..WOW!!!! and by the way this wasnt a competition.. the
ladies had fun.

Angellite1977 says:

PLEASE calm down people…this was ONLY for fun. Ellen and Mrs. Obama are
really good friends..and this was fun

Jennifer Potts says:

Ellen looks good loll

MissDundada93 says:

how awesome is that lol!

Seyedeh Sharify says:


Martina Radoslavov says:

Ellen went down more

mhsenabd says:

michelle isn’t doing push ups correctly

Amy Munday says:

Ellen is that old? she looks great and way younger. Michele is a awesome
first lady.

karla martinez says:

Ellen went lower

Reni Oshodi says:

Michelle is tall AF!

kalyanna bessonette says:

ellens 54 ?

Laiba N says:

Wow ellen is 54

diary of a skitzo says:


Awgichew says:

Ellen did go down lower ..but god job both ladies.

itsnophun says:

Just tried 25 “Michelle Obama”-pushups. It actually got my heart rate up,
and I think it’s a decent warmup for a chest workout :-). Still a lot
easier than regular push ups, but I underestimated how hard they are. But I
recommend doing less with proper form.

mike chap says:

yes ellens were 1000 times better than the first lady but she has that huge
butt to lift up and down so she must be very strong….did you see the size
of that thing… images if you dont believe me its ginormous
shes in good shape if huge is good

roseofreality says:

Ellen’s push ups were way better

traumaqueen45 says:

Not quite. It doesn’t matter how long your arms are when doing push ups.
The point of a push up is to take your torso down to where you’re almost
touching the floor. MO didn’t do that & ED did. I was in the WACS & I’ll
tell you that drill sergeants won’t let you use the excuse that your arms
are longer & you can’t do a proper push up. Or else, you’ll find their boot
in your back to help you do a proper push up.

traumaqueen45 says:

Has nothing to do with the size or length of ones arms. Watch a basic
training video how ‘proper’ push ups are done. MO did not do push up all
the way down to floor, so it’s much easier than the way ED did them (which
was the proper way).

traumaqueen45 says:

You probably haven’t lived long enough to remember First Ladies who did
much more than MO – who hasn’t done anything except for take multiple
vacations at taxpayer expenses. Research history – MO is not ‘cool’ by any
means & she, nor her husband have done nothing for this country but try to
ruin it.

traumaqueen45 says:

You need to learn more about what a ‘real’ pushup is – it has nothing to do
with the length of your arms. No matter how long/short your arms are, a
regular push up requires you to do down to the floor & back up. If you have
ever been in the military or known someone in the military, they’d tell you
the same thing. Better yet, hire a drill instructor to teach you proper
push ups, while their foot is on your back.

traumaqueen45 says:

Your point? Not everyone bows down to them or even respects them. Also
consider that not everyone who posts here are US citizens & don’t have the
same starry eyed viewpoint that you have of them.

traumaqueen45 says:

so what?! She’s not some frigging God! Quit ‘shouting’ as if MO is the end
all- be all! I have no respect for her or the POTUS. As a Vietnam vet, I’m
appalled at how they have ruined this country, yet their ‘supporters’ still
scream as if they have done something wonderful. Wake up & quit idolizing
people who do nothing!

traumaqueen45 says:

Join the military when you’re older – they’ll toughen you up – just like
they did me. You’ll be able to do 100 push ups by the time you graduate
basic training (along with 100 other exercises).

traumaqueen45 says:

It has nothing to do with the length of someone’s arm – don’t go into the
military & try that excuse with drill instructors. No matter what the
‘length’ of your arm, you are still required to take your full body down to
just above the floor – that is a full push up. MO did not do a full push
up, only dropped a few inches, thus she cheated!

traumaqueen45 says:

It’s not about ‘the angle’. The purpose of a push up is you are supposed to
lower the body, just above floor level & then push yourself back up. MO
only lowered herself about 6″ instead of all the way down to just above
floor level, like ED did. MO should try going against any woman in the
military. When I was in the WACS, we had to do 100 push ups, 100 sit ups,
100 jumping jacks, 100 pull ups, climb a rope up to ceiling (about 100 ft)
& 1 mile run in order to pass the fitness requirement.

Tasos Kozi says:

I bet you can do some badass tricks with a cigar,judging by your name you
must love it

Karu Marcher says:

@Ranjit, all food items. It’s a poison precaution.

Ranjit Shekdar says:

isnt it true that all gift items given to American Presidents are burned? I
heard/read this some where so just wanted to clarify.

Christian Løfaldli says:

this is humiliating

Lily McPhillips says:

It’s so funny how Michelle is more famous that Obama

rosehanna25 says:

Ellen was the winner !!! Michelle cheated!

Dylan Reed says:

michelle cheated

Sandy Isaacson says:

Ellen could have gone longer for sure! Ellen is amazing!

whirlwinds says:

Michelle didn’t go as low as Ellen!

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