Power Wheels Racing

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My son and I racing power wheels vehicles at our home track.


darthwilcu says:

Nearly 9 million views…..awesome!

noobinsnipe says:

At least they are not on the highways.

godisgoodatht says:

If theres a crash then mom drives the fire engine out to the scene!

godisgoodatht says:

Whos battery will last the longest!

Mattz675 says:

1-pause at the begining 2- open new tab on youtube and put in ridin dirty 3-mute this youtube tab -4 play ridin dirty and come back to this tab quickly and press play while this tab is muted

katherinegomez027 says:

That was awesome…

almra8b100 says:


Leslie15436 says:

OMG ! and they have a firetruck too !

mykwilwin says:

now i need to make a grown up version of my +5 speed booster kit for the lightning mcqueen i don’t think it will double the top speed with a adult in it

pinkgeek63 says:

that kid knows how to drive a truck

jamzusa says:

Lifes too short not to have fun. Glad he spent time w his son and did this. I’m sure it made his day! 😀

jonathanboudot says:

tu et fore

LunchtimeLoonies says:

Quality track and quality dad. A jealous one right here….how the hell did the mcqueen one go so fast with you in it? Every battery powered one here goes slow as hell when I’m in it and I’m not exactly a ‘fat’ dad?

kendally garcia says:

the best dad in the whole wide world god bless you both

JewelryandCrafts says:

ru kidding me how did he not break it lol!

bigdantootcorps says:

rubbin is racin, but add 150lbs and a pit maneuver … thats just cheating! haha great video

chowder148 says:

my dad is lame he cant even let me go to a friends house thumbs up if you have lame parents

chozian0 says:

Haha! Nice!

DDRhappiness17 says:

of course the car will support the dads weight… its LIGHTNING McQUEEN!!!

10ShamNoWow says:

Fast and the furious: Dad vs Baby

joelopez641988 says:

where the funk do you live..The Garden Of Eden? O.o. its beautiful

rosso197 says:

The dad’s a master at slip streaming

bobalong131 says:

That kid cuts the corners like a pro.

FairyFay1113 says:

I’m 20 years old and my parents STILL won’t let me have my Babrie Power Wheel Jeep. =[

Love how dad got into it. Makes me think of Mr. Incredible from The Incredibles movie.

MsLester2011 says:

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rosehstar1 says:

this makes me want a powerwheel now…

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