C-130 YMC-130H Lockheed Hercules flight test accident crash

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Discovery Communications Content copyright. Top secret Iran hostage rescue mission aircraft YMC-130H were three modified Lockheed Hercules Aircraft for Top Secret “Operation Credible Sport”, for second Iran hostage crisis rescue attempt. One of the measures considered for a second hostage rescue attempt in Iran was a project to develop a “Super STOL” aircraft, to be flown by Combat Talon crews, that would use a soccer stadium near the US Embassy as an improvised landing field. Called Credible Sport, the project acquired three C-130H transports from an airlift unit in late August 1980, one as a test bed and two for the mission, and modified them on an accelerated basis. Designated as the XFC-130H, the aircraft were modified by the installation of 30 rockets in five sets: eight firing forward to stop the aircraft, eight downward to brake its descent rate, eight rearward for takeoff assist, four mounted on the wings to stabilize them during takeoff transition, and two at the rear of the tail to prevent it from striking the ground because of over-rotation. Other STOL features included a dorsal and two ventral fins on the rear fuselage, double-slotted flaps and extended ailerons, a new radome, a tailhook for landing aboard an aircraft carrier, and Combat Talon avionics, including a TF/TA radar, a defensive countermeasures suite, and a Doppler radar/GPS tie-in to the aircraft’s inertial navigation system. Of the three aircraft, only one received full modification. The program


travkeyes says:

this is the future of planes

19HAF91 says:

A plane with rockets? badass

FeeLXMuSiC1991 says:


WeedIsGood4Y0u says:

I don’t think Chinooks have the same range

wellardme says:

Even though the project ended in disaster, i marvel at the ingenuity. Even as a Brit, i applaud the Americans for finding opportunity in calamity where we Brits sadly like to find calamity in every opportunity. The state of our nation testifies to that.

Thanks for the vid!

anggiatmora says:


smorchaa says:

Does he fly in space 😀 😀

GodSlayerXIII says:

wow looks futuristic~!

too bad its 360p
but very nice vid~!

MegaKickurass says:

iran is a country of stank fags….ha ha

ThePresD says:

thats badass. just thought everyone should know

Crazyboy123232 says:

NOT a fake???
WOW its very cool (if its not a fake)

aBoxfulOfVids says:

that’s some serious Thunderbirds shit right there

Mainiac1221 says:

dear santa…

mynameisfunboy says:

ac 130 above 😮

Raghvendra Singh says:

You dream, you do it…whether it will be success or failure, only time tells.
Hats off to US & Her citizens for daring to dream, you guys rock.

rehndawg says:

Franken Plane…looks cool

88intimidatorjr says:

It worked fine. Just poor timing on the last test run..

UDAK19 says:

why not just use a V-22 Osprey. They provide a fast vertical take-off and move as fast most aircraft (however I do not know when this story takes place and the V-22 wasn’t field operational until 2007)

roggerfrogger2 says:

So this is why they designed the Bell Boeing Osprey

CmdrofNine says:

It would of worked.,

mynamesnotdan says:

thats too bad, such awesome technology gone in one fell swoop

FGeraldPeralta says:

those 72 virgins you guys get are gunna be world of warcraft players

Vjhlzrf123 says:

Dear Santa…..

TristanLAX311 says:

Heavy metal, explosions, and planes. OH FUCK YEAH AMERICA

rickymontero says:

cool….! there should be a movie about this event, somebody call Michael Bay!, NO Wait, i dont wanna see this plane converted into an autobot.

mousa4321 says:

its cool but if its top secret what do we know it now ??

Airsoft101person says:


msmyk2 says:

Yep, you enlightened me. Even more, from now on I believe, that on june 22nd all Russians went to their caves and waited for winter.
However, if you read German 1st hand sources, their highest aircraft single day losses since 1939 were on 22.06.1941.

CaptiveRiticuli says:

Hi i just arrived, what is happening? Oh rockets, yeah… you gotta have rockets.

zackhanscom says:

lol @ iran [freed] them

snakevaletudo says:

the chinook is the fastest helicopter in the US military.

quaxk says:

they went a lil overboard with the JATO I think…

mrbyam64 says:

So…was this plane only designed to land in Iranian soccer fields?

0wh00pwh00p0 says:

damn, we dont fuck around, do we?

WaffeDerMacht says:

Reminds me of a rocketlawnchair.

nexus1g says:

A Chinook wouldn’t have the capacity to carry that many hostages. Nor would it have the range necessary to get in and out. And it’s slow and a low flyer. Perhaps you should know what you’re talking about before you spout nonsense.

12345678966666669999 says:

awesome plane *-*

Kukulcan88 says:

Hercules with Nitro yeaah!!!

Demock says:

the extra acceleration from those boosters must have been one hell of a kick in the pants

Anonymous5894 says:


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