The Woman In Black – Official Trailer [HD]

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George Mckeown says:

the play of this is abosultey terrifying , gave me more nightmares than the

Don Vito Corleone says:

more scarry than insidious chapter 1 or 2 good job Harry Potter !

Hamton51 says:

I went to a friend’s party and saw this. The night after I had a nightmare
NOT about the movie, but about the people at the party. It was a crazy

john Falcon says:

This movie looks so good. It has a good actor; good environment; good
setting(England-I think- small town and it takes place in around 1800, just
wonderful). And that poem was excellent, so classy.

TallFatRats says:

I’m going to watch this right now, it looks really creepy :D

Emily Parker says:

Harry omg use your wand. It’s time to get Sirius now -.- 

Lailani Mercado says:


Siya Al Subhi says:

i wanted to watch it but then saw the commentssssss, having second thoughts
:( waiting for smoe1 to say its lame ;_;

PsychoRecordTeam says:

dark skies is more scary movie 

Mahitha Payne says:

I loved this movie

Horror Movies says:

#17: THE WOMAN IN BLACK. The first time I saw this movie I was skeptical. I
love Harry P. but I did NOT pick him for a horror movie type of actor. Boy
was I wrong! He did an amazing job in this movie, and overall this movie
scared the crap out of me! (Not literally…). I think that story line
could have been a little better, and maybe the ending wasn’t all that
great, but the movie as a whole did a great job of creeping me out, and
keeping me up for several hours that night.

Julie Wolf says:

It’s Harry Potter! Now I really wanna see it!

Emily Good says:

Wouldn’t it be fun to be one of those girls in the creepy dresses? Or is it
just me?

Colby Wallwork says:

Ahhh no never watching again I’m so scared

Survivor97 says:

Great movie, guys! Loved it! You should watch it when it’s daaark! 

Marzia Howell says:


Fenimorka says:

Expecto patronum that shit, Harry!

Tam Lott says:

“You’re a Wizard Harry!”

Amy Roberts says:

Expecto Patronem that shiz Harry!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie Smith says:

im watching it in English for end of term so scary

Noa Meijer says:

Gonna watch it tonight! I am home alone with my best friend! We’re 12….

Uyen Tran says:

i was going to watch the trailer cos of dan but all the comments says that
it’s freaky so im gonna exit it…

CallousCloy says:

I liked it. It has the atmosphere of a classical ghost story, and Radcliffe
did a good job establishing his character. 

Alicia Jarvi says:

I love this movie

Ruby Nicholls says:

the person who plays the women in black is my dads friends sister! :)))))

Niamh Carroll-Turner says:


Yani Daryas says:

just stupefy the ghost harry!!!

Gopala Bhamidipati says:

WTH!!! That’s the freakiest face I’ve seen from the end.

ffinfinity1 says:

Definitely had its moments and a few scares, I liked the movie a lot and
Radcliffe was fantastic in it.

Vlaci Markovic says:

He is not Daniel Radcliffe he is Harry Potter!

Henry R. Haggard says:

What’s about little creepy girls in dresses and horror movies?

iwantmyjulia says:

I think this was the scariest movie I’ve ever watched 

Mayar Kamal says:

I watched this movie it’s amazing…

stef88sf says:

looks lame

Anna Ann' says:

@1:23 “Your wand, Harry! Your wand!!”

Tatiana Hosein says:

This movie is messed up

Rebecca Jerwood says:

Ahhh…. shitttttt! Had nightmares after watching the film! :s

Hannah Howke says:

this movie fucks you up

GreenBLinkin says:

I loved every minute of it!

Shan F says:

The Woman in Black (2012)

Nashla says:

During afternoon tea, there’s a shift in the air, a bone trembling chill,
that tells you she’s there. There are those who believe the whole town is
cursed but the house in the marsh is by far the worst. But she wants this
unknown, but she always comes back. The spectrum of Darkness, The woman in

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