Cat 319D LN climbing onto rail car

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Caterpillar 319D LN climbing onto a rail car to unload crushed rock in Kansas City.


loudpipesavelives69 says:

These operators sure put alot of trust in the hydraulics… Why doesn’t the rail car have a door? Would it weaken the structure? Any vids of this thing getting out when the car’s empty?

py51klo says:

Cats are crap jcb are the boys for digging

sharp6027 says:

Thats what i was thinking, but could just be the camera angel.

Michael Kaye says:

aweful close to those power lines….

jpnmusic2 says:

This fking CAT doing fking parkour bro. And he’s better than me. >:O

ihaveairlockers says:

I love this. Well done. Great video and action. Good skill.
Hope there’s no tunnels….

Brendan Jeske says:

This the stupidest post I have read so far (you spelt stupidest wrong)
These machine have ROP (Roll over Protection)
I work around these things all day and what that dude just did takes skill
Not once did I see a point where I thought his or anyone else’s life was in danger.
And why Buy a super expensive steel ramp when you can just bench yourself up like he did?
Maybe with the money they saved they could buy you a brain.

thevansmack says:

You think that those steel tracks are going to just climb right up a steel ramp?

OTEP1234567891011 says:

What the fuck did I just read?

ericbeltrami2718 says:

very very cool

farmerstel1 says:

This Is the Stupidist Thing I Ever Have Seen ! Trying To Impress Others With Stupidity !
One Mistake And The Operator Is Dead. Your Tearing Up An Exspensive Machine.
You Could Of Build A Ramp For The Same Money. This Is What Happens When
College Idiots Run A Business.

williambe41 says:

Operator of this has a lot of skill.

13377V1664 says:

Cool, now get it down.

upyourtube123 says:

the irony of a reversing alarm , hate them things 😉

Stewie Favre says:

was the train car flipper/dumper out of service?

milkycooler says:

i’m going to use this video
for a wonderful purpose

onefast450r says:

women want to be in air cond. if that was an open cab you would be crying opperaters are premondonas or over weight

79JoshK says:

I find it unbelievable that so many ignorant paper pushing D.A.z will even comment on this video. Did nobody ever tell ya’ll that it’s better to let people think your dumb then it is to talk “comment” and assure them your dumb? Go play your video games

ThePlatinum18 says:

8 million and over views because its men watching and knowing, no women can do this kind of job, this is why men get payed more!
Women want to be inside in an air conditioned room working for or in charge of a group of people, preferably the second choice. Yet they still complain and say women are payed less than men because of patriarchy.
Men take more risk on the job, work more hours, take less time off from work, and are better at negotiating pay.

blackericdenice says:

Watch this, was said before he started the cat.

linkbelt111 says:


agentmaes says:

realy!?!?!? i wadda said “r u f****** crazy!?!?!

chay sochanClickLIke says:


douglparks says:

ooo…oooooo…oooooo.oo… turn! Nice Work.

GanEdenVideo says:

Whats the point??

freedom57 says:

like a boss

luzon83 says:

I came here from cute kitten videos.

DjCincinnatus says:

Nor just using a simple dump car…

CliffBeattieWW2 says:

Wow, I didn’t know I could hold my breath for 6 min 36 sec. That is amazing!

Shazwick says:

How funny… All these comments playing down and passing this off as ‘nothing much’… Feeling small are we guys..? Is it cos u could never do this..? It is impressive.. No matter what u small penis men say…

HunterMann says:

No wonder crushed rock prices are going up: they are doing inefficient methods of moving the material. This Cat work may impress the average person, but what I see is a bunch of fancy moving around but very slow actual moving of crushed rock.
If the operator is getting union wages, then this truly zeros out any value on the material. Fail.

HunterMann says:

Why not just order the right size Cat in the first place?
All that fancy climbing only bought it was 9 feet of elevation. Next time, gtet a bucket that will reach 9 feet higher. Not exactly rocket science.

timestandingstill says:

Nice toy!

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