Lamborghini Countach LP500S

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1982 Lamborghini Countach LP500S with Kriesseig F1-exhaust system.


ALFA8902 says:

Ya heard!!!!

spookerr says:

We Need MORE VID!!!!!!

educationalnut says:

nice ride

SnowyButthole says:

Got to be one of the best sounding cars ever made…even better with the aftermarket exhaust



TreeOfLifeCG says:

Imagine THAT machine trailing yu,,,

harlyspuitje1 says:

Dear santa……

1manvsworld says:

I have an Aveo

ganjasage420 says:

dude that take off sound was fucking BEAST. sounds so RAW man holy fucking shit muscle car loudness with tuner sound

rau5150 says:

Ooooooooooohweeeeeeeeee love it

MaffiaAlfista says:

Lamborghini (feat Kreissieg) - Howling alloy demons from Sant’Agata..

My favorite tune since I was 10 and saw the intro to Cannonball run for the first time.

V844 says:

Unbelievable, what a Sound!

OmegaOutcast says:

Hell Yeah!

Tommi lee says:

I am an Opel Corsa and i’ve found it easy to masturbate.

tanmaychhatbarrox says:


mn8385 says:

It’s like music to my ears….aaaaahhhhhh so ever wonderful!

mathewhumvee says:

we now know the sound we will hear when the Gods scream there battle cries

Bill Vincent says:

Sounds like a damn F1 car. Total eargasm. I have goosebumps in my no-no place.

Kondziolina1 says:

Yes I agree, but please, don’t forget about Miura.

dragono145 says:

Someone was selling one next to my house and I live in Phx you never see them here

topracing93 says:

Scusa ma qui c’è un errore grosso quanto l’universo! questa è la countach 25° anniversario!!! non la si riconosce per via dei stop posteriori più piccoli e il grosso paraurti posteriore

BeBobFerrari99 says:

@NorCaliBeast Ha. Funny

NorCaliBeast says:

Countach By Lamborghini
I think they’re on iTunes but im not sure.

Hellsmist676 says:

Want one. Scratch that. NEED one.

Pnoerre says:

have got a very good hint for you to keeping the nice old DOHC Engine in good shape with todays ultra dry eco fuels: Use 1:100 API TC two stroke oil / fuel mix as regular driving fuel, that keeps the old fuel-system gaskets, rubber parts, alloy parts etc… and cast iron metal surfaces of those vintage engines in excellent shape…and it also lubricates the valves and upper piston regions. Most Porsche vintage owners in Germany do so :) Also keeps carbs and tank clean and rustfree

HappilyWithMonotony says:

Should’ve driven straight through the wall. If that isn’t bad ass, I don’t know what is.

putainamo21 says:

Thats the best sound I ever heard

xR1D1xful says:

V12 at its best

2m8y4u says:

its called Revs by V12

ahentaofixe says:

you clearly have no idea of what you’re saying.

QuicksilverRZ says:

Kreissieg exhaust

MindDeception says:

Old is gold 😉

icouldntmakeupaname2 says:

Those things are absolutely insane

Klottelitsch says:

My Grandfather has a nice car that sounds just like this 
Please enter
Fiat 2300S Coupe 1962
into the search field of youtube

XHAUSTchannel says:

Hi, I really like this video. If you want to see some Car-Videos with 0-100 & and Exhaust Sounds go to my channel and tell me what you think

GanondorfTM says:

There was a Transformer with this model.

combatarmsmaniac says:

Listen to that High pitched fart go by

WattsLloyd says:

Sounds amazing! I can keep listening to this and never get bored of that sound!

Bigboi54 says:

Damn, this Lambo is old.

pe6obutilkata says:

After 30 years still looks insanly sexy and sounds like God shouting.

MegaMrBenj says:

A very good video:)

Luis Salinas says:


Organised Confusion says:

This model is my all time favorite bar nun

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