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Follow us on Facebook: This is the legendary Batmobile. The stealth car out of the movie, obviously not the original but a very good replica.


BiGNiKLiTTL3 says:

There is my car!!

librequito says:


kontorapmusic says:


Heliumoid says:

where is it i can get one in seriously trying to buy one

kamikaze8625 says:

Finnaly… the cool part of Youtube.

rajat parajuli says:

i am batman return me my vehicle

suckmydick2006 says:

why is my car on youtube , who the hell take my car out ??

chrisc6690 says:

@vjgtxdo yes i mean it. nobody can believe about this quickly. Listen, ive seen this car selling rediculously cheap on this site. its worth a try here ->

juanchitoamado says:

no, you may not blow this up

pavlin davidov says:

wwwooooouuuuu monster ludnica

bkStudioHD says:

hahha so funny noob

Jandir Oliveira says:

legal mota 10

Kawasakizl750 says:

To bait you.

Anymoify says:

does it move?

antonygarllado says:


skanwank says:

Sigh… So much want.

Pizdzirynka1 says:

and this car was suppose to jump over the river to get elecricity by the second side of the bridge?

The19Alberto93 says:

can someone try to start it and let it roll out?

stylee411 says:

Beğenin lan yorumumu şakirtler

Jay1984T says:

Think ma head fits in that exhaust

thiện trần kiM says:

nói thật, bạn làm xấu mặt VN thật, người nước ngoài họ mà hiểu tiếng việt thì bạn nghỉ sao, clip người ta như thế, bạn được sờ chưa vn làm được chưa mà bảo như thế, đúng là thiếu văn hóa

TuanDaiBac1 says:

Như Cặc .>!!<

lordofdeathknight says:

the wedding between AGRESSIVITY & VELOCITY fit perfectly well…………

lordofdeathknight says:

allright……..just to forget to make yourself a COSTUME !!!!!!!!!

lordofdeathknight says:

yeah……….BAREBACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KidKarnage187 says:

I love this whip, its deffinetly what I see batman riding in (if he were real) its like a Lamborghini Tank hybrid thing

ashleymurphy1000 says:

This is the AMAZING car !!

Raynaldo6 says:

but can it drive? thats the question!

chingun55 says:

tii pizda

MultiDorg says:

Я такой же собрал недавно!

hygienic88 says:

dear santa

zambotwu says:

stealing is a crime.

skrkeles says:

A ”darth mobile”, not batmobile

Phạm Tuấn Anh says:

Dear Santa…

Arthur Kidawa says:

That back is vicious.

Kawasakizl750 says:

Sorry, my comment was for people with a sense of humor. Obviously you lack that…and more I’m sure.

bkStudioHD says:

why u ask stupid questions?

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