Ford Model T – 100 Years Later

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Watch a video all about the Ford Model T.


fjbutch says:

love these old clips….must have quite stressful on the production line, especially if you were busting to go to the loo etc..

Dancing88Mike says:

The first peoples car

citydriver says:

bad thing he was a  massive any Semite

DarkPrince013 says:

@slightlyslippy Hi, i’m a Model T, and I was off roadin before the creator of the Jeep was even born…

DarkPrince013 says:

@rpe33 Damn right!

rpe33 says:

America will never die because we won’t let it. It will live forever.

saubermotorsport says:

What a great car and achievement! Interested in more recent cutting-edge car tech? Then check out channel and don’t miss our video of a cutaway F1 race car.

cathy day says:


igrungeisded says:

I would so drive a Model T to school c:

playful101 says:

Could I please use 2 10 second sections of this in a slide show I’m making in regards to stuff made in USA? I would greatly appreciate it. You would have to e-mail this to download so I could get the parts. Thanks

slightlyslippy says:

Kinda like a jeep!

mamaluigi0631 says:

an in a few years dollar will go down so low that people can’t afford anything and america dies HAHA

mike tim says:

that handles better offroad then the new raptors. bring back the model T!!

DackIsBack says:

$900 in 1928 is around $12,000 in 2012 for anyone wondering…

But ofc, most people’s gross salaries weren’t that high back then.

DirtyBattledroid says:

u did a nice job narriating the video.. MODEL T ROCKS

1234lovewebkinz says:

what is a center door?

rwoodard777 says:

I want one…

senorkaboom says:

We have come a long way with cars. The T could be driven anywhere and be repaired by most anyone. Today, we drive over a small pothole and have to replace the inner struts and ball joints, at minimum. Man! That’s progress.

erikals2 says:

shame they don’t make the ‘T’ anymore…
I’d buy one for $300 if they were still made or whatever it cost and drive it everywhere…

7ujn1qaz1qaz says:

wow. did NOT expect to see a model t off roading

latino1302 says:

Nice documental, but while the model T sold around 15 million, the beetle beat that almost twice !

Greg Toscano says:

Our unemployment solution. Look at how many people working.

be79911997 says:

Wow 20 horsepower!!!!! Lol

DarkPrinceNH5570 says:

Im more of Dodge myself… but wtf.

Fords been around awhile.

I cant believe Nazi Germany gave Ford that.

Who ever gave that to FORD… you are FIRED from the Furhurs command.

FORD wasnt worthy of that one bit. That is only given for EXCELLENCE and PROVEN worthy. Not trying to bring it back but FORD did not deserve that.

Order of the German Eagle was given to FORD.

109s out did P-40s and P-51s.

bmwpower98 says:

Im actually doing research on this car for my S.S class in 7th grade.

sinuas34 says:

its my favourite car! thanks

safiyaclaire says:

pretty cool. i love those cars


i see death people

Porrameneitor says:

Henry Ford is a hero

foreverbmx666 says:

it makes me sad how i have to baby my ranger whenever i take it off-roading and worry about something breaking. That was probably like the 1930’s and they were rompin and stompin those Fords like nothing!! –> 4:54 <– nowadays there’s way too much bullshit

Fakkmalmoe says:

Wrong European cars are the best. Asian and American cars cant compaire

MrGBSD70ACe says:

Yep, it’s funny Most vehicles today couldn’t drive through what that Model T did…and it made it look easy!

HaguSlayer says:

Without cars coming from Asia, the cars now wouldn’t last more than 100,000 miles. The imports really pushed Detroit. Competition knows best.

rugbydazz says:

I noticed you have the Ford Focus in the US, it’s very popular here in the UK, is it popular over in the US? it drives really well.

rugbydazz says:

I noticed you have the Ford Focus in the US, it’s very popular here in the UK, is it popular over in the US? it drives really well.

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