Ferrari vs Smart car

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Ferrari vs Smart car…Who will win???


TheDillon5 says:

these ferraris honestly aren’t that fast

Nocreativityhere7 says:

The Ferrari driver obviously doesn’t know how to drive a stick very well.

sk8world20 says:

There is no way the ferrari wasn’t even doin anything

Mobili Romagnoli says:


KyWiStudios says:

Chuck Norris’s Golf Buggy VS Ferrari

surf403 says:

Anyone ever tell you your pic on your page makes you look like the poster boy for a gay cock sucking club??

craiglaffytaffy says:

Lol, you sir are a royal douchebag. You’re argument was the the smart car isn’t necessarily faster. If it is accelerating faster than the Ferrari at every point during this race then it’s velocity is greater. That means it’s faster. greater velocity equals faster, dumbass…… The smart car can convert chemical energy into mechanical energy at a rate that is substantially greater in proportion to it mass as compared to the Ferrari. It is faster, end of story.

damstachizz says:

I signed in just to tell you how much of an idiot you are.
The correct term IS weight, and unlike your bullshit attempt at using theoretical physics to talk about a real world application, the correct answer is that weight is the big difference, then gear ratios, and THEN power. Every 50lbs is roughly .1 second off a 1/4 mile time.
More power = faster car is also a fucking stupid thing to say. 400hp or 800hp doesn’t matter if you’re trying to put it down through a 185mm wide light truck tyre.

craiglaffytaffy says:

Oh, I forgot….

your mother

craiglaffytaffy says:

Dumbass, weight is negligible in this case because regardless of either of the car’s masses (the correct term to use by the way), the slower car obviously needs to produce more power. More power = faster car; therefore, slower car needs more power. Do you know what an apostrophe is?

surf403 says:

Who is this smuck who thinks he’s soooo knowledgable???? You forgot weight you moron! Thats the big factor here!!

ndmmbkdcpvcy says:

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FakersInc says:

lol asshurt all over. that ferrari sucked it up!

AntifaFuck says:

it’s a smart diablo with a hayabusa engine 😉
you can sell the equipement pack in the uk for only 6000€ 😉

WIKTOR75 says:

more than likely a Suzuki gsx130r hayabusa engine with a turbo

Mousa Abu-Shady says:


craiglaffytaffy says:

You’re assuming that they are both producing the same power, which they’re not. It needs more power not time. Acceleration = distance/time^2. That ^, not physics…

kevintrujillo281 says:

They should of made three smart car a sleeper. Would of put everyone to shame.

DaviCupra says:

Not fake! I was there and saw this race,this race happened in Portugal,city of Leiria.

adm853556 says:

Hayabusa #FTW

enlargemedia says:

what the betting line on this race?

Pavel Lujardo says:

Physics. The biggest object needs more time to accelerate. It doesn’t mean the toy car is faster, just that it can start moving faster. If the race lasted more than one second you could see the Ferrari leave it behind.


Fake ? not fake , There conversion kits for Smart cars , You can put a GSR motor in a Smart car with a conversion kit ! Just go look up Smart haybusa !

kikestronger says:

Wow it’s amazing how the ferrari didn’t explode because of the bad shifting

ZillaFreak1 says:

you do know a 10-14 second quarter mile is a huge range right? that is like saying your girlfriend weighs in between 120-220lbs.
and these 100s /1000s car, are you talking about models or individual cars? because 1000 individual cars isn’t a lot.
Veryon runs a sub 10 quarter.
SCC Areo runs a sub 10 quarter.
all true supercars runs sub 12 quarter mile.

Malik Chechen says:

This is a Fake.

leftylethborg says:

super cars aren’t that quick in terms of acceleration most will a quarter in 10-14 seconds very few will do under ten (im talking stock of course)

there are hundreds if not thousands of street cars around the world that run these times and faster

sugad101 says:

Mrpigga1 if you have those cars, and you never open them up. what’s the point dumb ass

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