Cookie Phone vs Police (SA Wardega)

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Sam S says:

brace yourselves for the incoming shitstorm of “if this happened in
amurrica” comments

GamesLive-HellwigHolz says:


Hurricane ♥ says:

Hahahaha, mistrzunio ;)

OserTV says:

Ooo i jak tam z mandatem? byłeś w TV no dajesz?!

Matty6660 says:

nah the fat american cops would have just taken the cookie away and scoffed
it down in half a second

Zagrajmy Z Bytkow'em says:

Zajebiste !!!

SpriffSTAR says:

Wardega w tv

Bez Nazwy says:

Nie am to jak SA Wardega w telewizji 

EraXxTiVi says:

Skazali Cię?Mówili w wiadomościach.

HidinRebel says:

Cooler than american cops. They would have ripped you out the car and
beenlike what? He was resisting and I told hhim to put his phone away. 

Ganove007 says:

I guess those phones were not intercepted by the NSA :D

Leighton Brown says:

Those phones probably still get better signal than mine! 

Ben W says:

Way to waste the police officers time. I hope no one who have like this
video have ever said “they should be dealing with real crimes” when they’ve
seen a police officer arrest someone for speeding or something else trivial
otherwise they’re hypocrites. 

Richard Head says:

You are a very brilliant man. Why waste on cookie phones? :P

dupakropkaosiem says:

Telefon to LG Cookie?

João Pardinha says:


Leonardo Rodas says:

Supposingly in the US, Someone tried this without touching his real phone.
But when the Police saw it was a joke, they arrested him under made up

Joe Seijo says:

Try this in the USA and you could end up shot by our blood-thirsty pigs.

Don Son says:

in the Jew.S.A he would of got shot 300 times. Then they would plant a
phone on him. 

ezaRixx says:

Wardega ma wykroczenie :(

Koko PvP says:

Znowu w Polsacie XD

Karolina Bienek says:

Brawo XD

Diaxowy GruMM says:

Hehe Werdęga w Polsacie :)

BullerGamming says:


ssmoko says:

: ) heheheheeh jebać milicyjne świnie 

Sandro Van Lierop says:


futerczasty says:


Julia Golebiowska says:

Byłeś w Polsacie :)

paul polaczek says:

Zajebisty gościu szacun

Grzesiek Pietrasz says:

Widziałem w wiadomościach.

lamus lamusowaty says:

lol oglądam wiadomości atam wardęga 

TheG4m3Tr4ck3r says:

A i jak płacisz mandat to płac po 1 gr i zrób film :)

Phoenix Valor says:

Here you cant eat while driving either. 

water-art Marek says:


Dawid Jankowski says:

widzialem w polsacie :P

Fabian Kolodziej says:


VassV17 says:

epickie :D

Stalker_0_0_7 gra w Minecrafta says:

Waręga do wienzienia poszedł

Jakub Kostka says:

To je LG cookie

Deivis PlayGames says:

hahaha XD

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