Full Performance of “Wide Awake” from “A Katy or a Gaga” | GLEE

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Jake, Kitty, Unique and Tina perform a slow, stripped-down version of Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake.” Subscribe now for more Glee clips: http://www.youtube.com/su…


Janie-Katherine Strasbourg says:

OMG it’s so good!!! I love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dina Ruel-Teuben says:

Cant. Stop. Listening. To. This.

lucy chen says:

loves it

mirziyob says:

waiting for Jenna to sing something like again since Shake it out <3

yiannis karanasos says:

OMG this is amazing I love Glee sooooo much !!!! <3 <3 <3

Sebastian Dumitrescu says:

this is an AMAZING cover, let me say better than the originl. Glee changed
my life. Love y’all

Reesesasha L says:

I love their voices. Kitty has a nice distinct voice, Jake has a smooth
voice, Tina has a firm and sweet voice, and Unique has a really strong

Kayla Roger says:


hannelore staes says:

love it :D

Steven Patrick says:


esther ornelas says:

Love this version!!!! :)

Barry Torres says:

They all sound amazing

Izzy Estrada says:

love it

Lieve - x says:

it was uploaded on my bday :)

Aslı Aydın says:

Kitty’s voice sooooooooo amazingggg wowwwwwwwwwwww soooooooo good

Aly Kel says:

Sam, cut you hair

Kevin Luiz Ferreira Lage says:

Peeerfeeito ..

Alondra Vanessa De Anda Camarillo says:

A love it<3 *-*

Marva Witter says:


rina kabariti says:

i love this song glee always makes these weird horrible songs so much

Madelynn Smithson says:

I’m so a Katy.
Gaga? NO

Isis nava says:


Megan R says:

Artie’s face 2:35

Amalia Mazlan says:

1.42 – 1.46 was just *.* . OMG!

Nate Creech says:

Awesome video

ubermanrock says:

Kitty is awesome!!!! So is artie!!!!!!!!!!:)*

Brianna Mills says:

Unique can sing!!!!

franinconverse says:

Oh look, the real talent of the current New Directions slaying it. Add
Artie and you have the people who should get the lead vocals.

Randy Rose says:

Is the transgender character actually in real life a male or female?

bimpe gbala says:

The haters that don’t like glee they got to sit down I bet they can sing
better than you anyway stop hating

Rashiff Hughes says:

I’m not crazy about Glee anymore I use to like it

WingShan Chan says:

kitty is amazing

Annaeli Nduwamahoro says:


linastarYANST says:

I don’t know why but when I see Kitty like this I remmember about Melinda
from “Ghost Whisper” . I Guess She could match really well with that series
. I just wish I could see her in the series one day and she could be some
character like “watching guys” or some one like Eli . She and Marley are
the most favourite from Glee S4 .

Rachael Reece says:

I love this song

Payton Irion says:

I am so much better than you wade Adams

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