8 HOURS of Relaxing Music – Meditation, Sleep, Spa, Study, Zen

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For the best Guided Meditatons on the planet: http://tinyurl.com/meditateTHG 8 hours of relaxing relaxation music with an oriental flavor. Play on low volume…


Goates Sue says:

I went to sleep at midnight and woke up at 8AM. How in the world have only
three hours passed on the video if it’s still playing…

Sazz Sourman says:

hey thanx for uploading. what is Zen?

Staci C says:

Listening to the music and watching the fish is sooo relaxing, thank you!!

Moon Hitsearth says:

8 hours of relaxing music

Gloopy Gamez says:

as soon as this started i felt sleepy

Hailey Miller says:

I use this for everything. Writing, reading, sleeping, and yoga. I love it!

Tiny-Faye kins says:

Guaranteed 8 hours sleep tonight! 

grace martinez says:


Adriano White says:

i needed this…for my condition :)i wish u can all understand that music
is an open book of wisdom and healing both mental and physic 

Benny Gantz says:

This is so beautiful, combined with a progressive attitude and a strong
faith in God this helped me so much to just relax. Thank you for uploading

eugene bell says:

Wow, I just noticed you all are pretty cool people. It’s wild how people
just gather around some music and a watering hole, even if it is just a
picture. That is awesome watching those fish and listening to the music,
to see the fish sort of take off out of the water and swim around in the
air. it’s like getting a good buzz on with a bunch of old friends.

Shannon Best says:

this is my favourite.
Meditation is so much tranquil with this.

Camilla Kulmala says:

this music helps concentrate when im studying.

marta Fernandez says:


Rita Liberto says:

Just found your site – Thank you for sharing!

jimijam48 says:

Zzzz, Zzzz, Zzzz – did someone say something ?? – This is nice, Thanks to
the Uploader and YT…

Manuel Hernandez says:

Good music for sleep thank you

Josselyn sanchez santamaria says:

i never listen that kind of music but i think could help peolple whos
really needs get some rest or simply to go to relax.

Asdrubale Savio says:

Good for everyone !!

Caprice Lewis says:

I love this

Sixninee Williams says:

goodnight from Louisiana

พลตรีหญิงพูลศรี เปาวรัตน์ says:

my mind are gently by this way Thank for your kindness to make the world

Auguste Dubuisson says:

I like it, but I wish the water was real. 

alexandre dudermel says:

Hello, im a composer of well-being music, you can listen my sounds on my
Youtube channel if you want to discover my work.
Thank you very much

vanessa paulina cruz says:


Kenia Flores says:

this relaxes me so much~

karina garmac says:

Like!! :-)

Adrienne Hall says:

the best massage zoning ever…thanks so much!

Lordtje says:

learning homework.

Ched Cheatham says:


Renée Visscher says:

Now I don’t hear my annoing brothers playing minecraft!!

linda larsson says:


yomika jalan says:

Oh ! So relaxing it is . I was slept

selviskk says:

This is awsome for meditation, thanks for this great up!!!!

Rungrueang Sungsamarnun says:


Raquel Vergara says:


Sdjjkkkjgjñljff ssrrukjbbkmvjjk. 

TheKillerNanny says:


Emma Gonzalez says:

really imroved my sleep i use it on school nights

Jan Wynns says:

Listen to it while I work. Very calming and can get a lot done. Tend to be
ADD and this helps a *lot*. Thanks for posting.

MegaTravelin says:

many fish

ricky bharadia says:

Best song! I had an headache and this helped it calm down.

Roneta Jarmalajeva says:

:$ too longso sexy and awsome kissinf lol

David Roman says:

Goodnight world

Fashiontwinkle1 says:

This really helped

mrsaint310 says:

AHHH thanks to this, I’m able to write the script to my comic book. Thank

Ilona Steiner says:

Köszönöm !

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