Photoshopping Real Women Into Cover Models

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We asked four women to participate in a Photoshop experiment. Their reactions to the results will surprise you. Post to Facebook: Lik…


czarny090 says:

How to Redtube Girls ^^

GrahamPhelan says:

To be honest, not one of these women are ugly. They’re all pretty I think.
If they got different women who actually looked bad this could have been
interesting. Anyway it’s still a good video!

Charlotte Thomas says:

How ironic that the advert before was for Rimmel London…

Kevyn Jacobs says:

A brilliant experiment.

lAmCanad1an says:

I think the chick at 1:44 looks sooo much prettier and sexier then her
after look. She’s way more natural and still got a great figure, she should
be happy! Also to add the others are beautiful too, natural beauty beats
fake any day.

el concordistador says:

The expression “real women” usually just means obnoxiously fat uggos.

Nora Doski says:

Hey no one’s perfect.
Love the video <3 

Ox5f3759df says:

man photoshop owns

jefumetescheveux says:

How surprising that they all agree on the fact that “natural is beauty”…

White High Heels says:

They should make that an app. A free app.

Mark W. says:

.. That frown would go upside if Photoshop wasn’t just software .. 

TreeroyJ says:

“Why would you want someone to look different?”
Oh, I don’t know, maybe because they’d be more attractive?
Can the liberal tards promoting this “you are perfect” agenda really be so
ignorant of the fact that physical attractiveness is a real thing? Have
they never been attracted to someone before, or noticed that some people
look more attractive than others?

It’s not about making you look like yourself, it’s about designing
something more attractive than you are in your current state. Get over it,

Lucas' Refuge says:

Photoshopping Real Women Into Cover Models – #mustWatch

Anthony Hernandez says:

Non of these girls are ugly

David Le says:

i’m so glad i’m a dude…

mctofee says:

I really hope im not the only guy around that prefers a woman that looks
real and down too earth…I mean, a c elebritys beauty is only only good
for a one night stand, but natural beauty is what forms real love 

Josef Schwardt says:

I think the real message is women are never satisfied. There is always

Zzzannie says:

don’t get me wrong, i love those woman very inspiring. I photoshop to and
you have to understand their was a reason why they arent models. they
wanted to look like model so they needed to photoshop to much. but in
reality you have to live healthy and take good care of your skin and hair.
not all models need extreme photoshop… its becuz they wanted to look like

cyanidemaiden says:

I know everyone’s different, but personally I wouldn’t feel the same as
these girls did when they saw themselves photo shopped. It’s silly to think
they take away a part of themselves through photo shopping. You’re still
the same person, you’re just making a more flattering photo of yourself. I
mean sure, you’re cheating, but it just doesn’t seem that big of a deal to

Tom Lessing says:

Beauty is no longer in the eye of the beholder. It is (supposedly) in the
magic brushes of Photoshop.

These women are all beautiful in their natural state.

Pécheur says:

This the reason why we should not believe in hollywood shit today.
Idealising people for the way they look on screen is what has made our
society lose a lot of different values. 

Myla Capilitan says:

The thing they’re forgetting is that celebrities and people in magazines
(including men) do A LOT of work to look the way they do. A regular person
don’t have access to the stuff they do. Also, when they’re not in front of
the camera they look different. It’s all for the sake of entertainment. To
please the eye. 

John Lewis says:

Nobody looks like that anyways.

Levetti408 says:

They all looked much better after photoshop.

Juan Maldonado says:

Was that the girl from Portlandia?

Reghtjmg Huilnft says:

I am very sure that they use those photos as a profile pic in their
facebooks.. Lol haha

luis hernandez says:

The message is nice and all, but the one in the red dress just has to
accept the concept of time.

'Dangerways' says:

That music..

Daniel Garcia says:

four natural beautiful women

Chris Topa says:

Whatever…you all look great after the touch-up photos. Enjoy it.

Reza Fuard says:


Ally M says:

This is so great

Febeleh says:

Lol. It’s called diet, exercise, and hygiene. For women, just add makeup.

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