Jackass best moments of all time

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M Azad says:

the weird thing about jackass and the crew is no matter how many times
you’ve watched them, it always feels like the first time and there’s always
a scene you never saw or that you forgot you saw.

Benjamin Brodeur says:

6:47 I fucking lost it! lolololol XD

Conrad Knoblock says:

R.I.P Ryan Dunn

Brian JUST BRIAN says:

3:50 lmfao

Joshua Chodorowski says:

Children of poisiden are better

6a6179 says:

4:00… ohhhhhhhhhhh s**t … hahahah :P

traevis carter says:

funny funny funny as fu!k

AyeIts Scott says:


J Kerman says:

Fuck i love the dildo rocket!! LMFAO

rightenough says:

Ryan Dunn goofed

Chris Ahlman says:

“Don’t tell his mommy please.. he’s kinda a bitch about this” LMAO!

AdamG1983 says:

Those guys are the OG Trolls. Who assaults someone with the magnified rays
of the sun?!

Pascal Madden says:

4:01 … fukin murdered him hahaha

Eight Ball Films says:

6:55 the original smack cam

Lisa Van der Zijpen says:


Samuel Rocha says:

too much apresentation

Tomáš Škoda says:

Song of intro?

zel3k says:

and try to make them not to run on the pool :D

Ivan cruz pacheco says:

Like (Y)

Harry Wooldridge says:

R.i.p Ryan

Lauro Vieira says:

what is the name of the third song? 05:16

joey abel says:

Fucking stupid dumbass

SRT Viper 51 says:

first mistake bad dad did was he pizzad while he french fried. 

loriziell says:

What’s the song at 1:50?

roboleon117 says:

R.I.P Ryan Dunn

adam bamf says:

great way to get skin cancer

Robert Donnelly says:

LEEEEEERRROOoyyyy wait wait wait… ah ha! … BAAAAAAAAAMM

tRiLoGy184 says:

6:51 perfect WASTED gif

Shanaynay Stirling says:

I love Steve-o

Richard Guints says:

this is jackass 3.5

Melissa Browne says:

Bam Margaraa

cuaran kuane says:

chuck norris can cut a hot knife with butter

kmno22 says:

Rip Ryan Dunn well no more jackass

kevin lucas says:

Lmfao I miss jackass

Jasmin Dupljak says:

Gragas 😀 8:17

kamarul ariffin says:

the intro song name was Dear Professor – The Deans List (Eliminate Remix) .
follow my twitter @kamarulcr7.

Jon Goriup says:

9.04 ahhahahahhaha

miksa8881 says:

Dudesons are better !!!!!!!!!

Collin Dworak says:

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HAHA11:33 what you never seen this before?

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