13-year-old sings the National Anthem @ The New York Mets Game!

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Me singing the National Anthem at Citi Field for New York Mets game on June 19, 2012!


Seventeen says:

LOVE Carly Rose Sonenclar!! ❤ ❤ ❤

LadiezzMann217 says:


MoMoMyPup10 says:

If you consider that to be jazzed up then you are being very nit picky.

Tom Lloyd says:

After 22 plus years in the military and hearing that tune over and over
again, Carly brought life to it for me and apparently the fans who cheered
her on. Amazing artist for her age.

Albert18Einstein says:

“Sleep Tangled Manner”

Oh say can you sleep by a pillow so tight?
I’m so sleepy on nails I forgot I was dreaming
White Castles make you fart through the entire night
Oh the farts that we smelled were so snug tight tag teaming
And the pockets did fear,fart bombs bursting in air
Gave poop through the night that you thought wasn’t there
Oh, say does that sleep tangled manner yet save
Me more time to sleep in the dome of my brain.

Richard Forty says:

Good voice, but like many pop stars she jazzed it up too much. I liked
Jackie Evanchos rendition better, since she sang it completely straight,
but still made it memorable.

Autumn Adams says:

You’re really good

tv news says:

i can sing better than her

Olga Apalchuk says:

I’ve got goosebumps… It’s amazing!

Dozjah Famma says:

Ahh Carly ra

Eclipse says:

@Uyenly Nguyen have u recorded tracks before? they used
earphones/headphones to get the backround music…this helps singers yo not
get off tune..etc

France Lachowski says:

Carly Rose Sonenclar from the X-factor?

Vale Notas says:


Rhiannon Howells says:

Its not fake is amazing

Степан Кошелев says:

“O’er the land of the free” – it`s unbelievable

Emma Black says:

your so good!!

mark oh says:

She did a great job.

sophie muir says:

Ur voice is SOO good

heather buscetto says:

Check out Sara Buscetto singing the National Anthem…. just type her name
in the search bar. She sang Whitney and Beyonce too

Complicated session :3 says:

She can do better wddffffff

marissa weston says:

If she was really singing she wouldn’t have earplugs in because you
shouldn’t need the lyrics

Roselynn Silver says:

She was on the XFactor!

Diana Larios says:

You are amazing ! May God bless you & your family.wow you have a great
voice….good luck in the future.

Kamilė Gulbė says:

I agree that the “jazzing it up” is unnescessary, it seems as though she
isn’t commited to the hymn, just really trying to sing “a pretty song” the
best she can. 

Vice Verse says:

you’re amazing…stunningly amazing!! keep shining like the star you are.
god bless you and your parents!!!!!!!!!!!

Inpran On Roblox says:

She lip sync!! WOW! I can just notice by looking at her mouth.

AMAZINGpink16 says:

This is amazing!

jewel cuevas says:

That was amazing 

MrRoyalHamster says:

I love your Anthem … greets from Germany 

Taelyn Welch says:

wow but looked like she was lip singing

Ukgaming says:


Vismantas Vaskela says:

She is killing the song.

Sarah Hernandez says:

Its real. Her name is Carly Rose. She was on The X-Factor. She is amazing!

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