Justin Bieber Worst Moments

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Justin Bieber top five worst moments are here. Be it with or without Selena Gomez, the pop superstar has always been in controversy. For more Hollywood news …


super13540 says:

Yall know in the begining his pants to low and tight to make that fucking
jump lolol

Mohamed Al-Ali says:

Dirty cunt!!

kira maynard says:


Aleksi Lauhalahti says:

His career is his worst moment.

Carlos Franco says:

Not a fan, but find this video funny

Ntina TsidouVEVO says:


teressa rodriguez says:

my thoughts on what worste moment. lets not forget when he was “smoking
weed or spice” and his lil fan girls started cutting them selves for him
thinking he would stop.

Maysa Chouba says:

Wasup hollywoodbackstage. I think you should spend as much time you made
this video to get people’s attention and hating on Justin, on making a
video of all the poor people who are starving to death and dying. It is
more important than to cling on a teenage guy who is living his dream
fucking idiots. This is so pathetic, that you even torment a guy you do not
know a shit about. I think you should do a video on good things that Justin
has done in this world, where he donate millions of dollars, build schools,
orphanages, etc. Get a life fucking idiots, he is human so what the hell is
the problem? How would it feel for you if you see untrue things about
yourself everyday online? I am a big fan of him and all the clips that were
shown have a great reason for why it happened and they’ve cut away so much
so that he becomes guilty of everything. People today are so disgusting and
pathetic. Get you a life idiots.

stoagymahalo says:

Look like the Vanilla Ice trying to rap again.


drugs in action .___.

Angel Hale says:

leave justin fucking alone x|

david zoaka says:

You love him cos u are hypnotized you tool…hes a prick, a cunt, No class
to be honest even engaging in conversations with the ladies fucking Bitch

_LittleABabe_ says:

Man I expected something funny but of couuurse hate is all we get.

Natalie Sam says:

Yeah, maybe if the stupid reporters weren’t in his face all the time he
wouldn’t have ”bad moments”.

Breanna Davlut says:

Is such a fag

Lucy Round says:

they’re missing out every other moment hes been alive.

Lord Vader says:


He is his worst moment

Tiffany Trinh says:

Sure he may have worst moments.WE ALL DO!!!Just because hes a celeb doesn’t
mean you should be showing off his worst moments.

samaria espinoza says:

Going to prison

D0minicanKid1702 says:

1:50 OMG! OMG! She’s on her period!!!! :O :O 

casey lasen says:

i think my two are the song part and the car when he was getting in

ParkerFriedChicken says:

This is all very normal. It’s normal for teens to care about things SO
MUCH, even tho many of these things are not worth caring about in that
degree. It’s normal for 20-year-old males to be angry, and CERTAINLY when
some HUGELY annoying photographer is hounding you. That’s insane and is
what I find disturbing; for adults to take advantage of the normal tumult
of teen and early adult development. Unfortunately, this probably
characterizes young pop-stardom. I don’t like the glorification of vapid
and insipid things that pop songs often feature, but I hate how adults take
advantage of and encourage these things as well as encourage and take
advantage of the volatility of people like Justin Bieber. 

root toor says:

why do people reaally give a fuck about any of this plz tell me

Alayna Vaughn says:

How he does. Like when he punched her. SHOW MORE RESPECT BIEBER !!!

kryptograf81krypto says:

2:18 :D

jewel diaz says:

the last one

RawrrIma Leprechaun says:

I completely support Justin Bieber with everything that he did in this
video. Especially the one where he was waiting for his girlfriend and the
other people were like: “You just had to be nice about it.” To me he
sounded like he was being nice. And they’re all getting mad because he
doesn’t want them up his ass. I mean, Jesus Christ.
And also where he attacked the paparazzi guy. I admit it seemed a bit
drastic, but, on a daily bases Justin gets assaulted and harassed by
paparazzi. And I bet that when that guy accused him of assaulting him, he
had had enough. And I don’t blame him at all.

And to the person who brought up the “Cut for Bieber” thing. How the fuck
is that his fault? Did he go to them and be like “Hey, you should cut
yourself.” No he didn’t. So people need to stop putting that on him acting
like it’s his fault.

And no, I am not a die hard fan, but I do believe everyone is being way too
hard on him. Everyone needs to chill out and realize that even though he’s
famous, he’s just a fucking kid. He’ll make mistakes. Everyone does. Jesus.
And, in my opinion, I don’t think he’s done hardly anything wrong. People
just blow it out of proportion. The DUI thing was bad, but that’s about it.

xhovani1c says:

england broke him in 4days

Marilynn No says:


sillyXD says:

he is a f*ckin c*ck socker

Thatiana Brutus says:

He is a bich

guthixmax says:

did anyone else fucking realize how they cut out something the pap said to
him? in the last clip, douche bags.

jo bennet says:

he gone crazy ya’ll

Michael Raun says:

reporters like you are “his worst moments”… All for the money…

Collin Washburn says:

I don’t think that these fan girls understand why Justin is getting hated
on. If you are going to be a “star” like he is then you take responsibility
for your actions. Him calling fans fat whales and not giving a shit when
young girls are blindly hurting themselves because he is “going through a
hard time”. Yeah celebrities lives can be hard but that’s the life he chose
and now he’s choosing to go do cocaine with his friends and destroy peoples
property just because he is a rich over entitled little prick who doesn’t
know a thing about the real world,or respect for anyone that’s below or
above you and he’s teaching this entire generation of kids to do the same.

Israel Perez says:

i think he should shut the fuck telling people to leave him alone.
Newsflash Asshole you wanted to be a big time star and make albums and
millions of dollars well dealing with the paparazzi and fans comes with it
if you dont like it stop singing

Pheng Kim says:

no one is perfect. man !! since we are humans .. we still make mistake…

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