Andrew Garcia’s Audition for American Idol 2010 [High Quality]

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See more from Andrew Garcia on my Channel Hopeful contestants from the Golden State bring out their best performances to prove to the ju…


koreanpowerTKD says:

4:04 that was just so unbelievably sexy of Katy Perry….

anant borkar says:

3:24 he held up a piece of paper with the number 9 on it, didnt he finish
lolz that had nothing to do with it ;D

jennmasta649 says:

He sounded a little Bruno Mars-ish when he hit the high notes. Love
Andrew’s voice!

CJSchecter96 says:

crazy because I remember seeing him on the show and just rediscovered him
on youtube a year ago. glad hes still at it.

Angela Almaraz says:

Aye to that!

Finn Bradley says:

And now hes preforming with RyanHiga 

Connor Beeson says:

Anybody that chases their dream, deserves a chance.

Abraham Silva says:

Is it okay that i cried? 

Clipper B-ball says:

Andrew should of won. He was the best singer on that show. I quit watching
after that upsetting season.

MayLynn West says:

I refuse to cry!.. :|…. D': shit.. <33333333 :’)

misscubic says:

simon looks so stupid with that pen inside his mouth

TRla2010 says:

Aye to that!

sepehr heidari says:

I liked him

David Hernandez says:

America is a blessed country… I mean in Latin America, if you were
involved in gangs, you’d never even dream about having such a beautiful

Hilary Chap says:

Like if you’re here from NigaHiga

Shane Boal says:

Um did anyone else notice katy perry lol

Jeffery Miller says:

Wait…are the judges reading from scripts…?

LiveAloha143 says:

what song is this

KovuTheKid says:


King Voth says:

Katy Perry mmm baby

Krystal Battiste says:

Great singer u go u got this

Alexa Carrillo says:

I love Andrew Garcia he is so good and if you guys really like him check
out his channel

ColombianBellyGirl says:

He’s a dad??? omg

Roxy Leung says:

He’s frds with RYAN HIGA!!!

TheCookies1992 says:

i get so emotional with this video

gatekeepa891 says:

100% better than Carmelo Munzone!!!!!!!

CrissyIcedTea says:

Why is Katy perry a judge? She’s terrible

Pablo Milman says:

4:05……..OMG …….

savannah sechrist says:

He kind of sounds like Bruno mars :|. (•_•)

The Rhino says:

Katy Perry’s eyes <3

knifeforkandaspoon says:

Intro background music is “Black Tables” by Other Lives. You’re welcome

Sam Dao says:

can’t believe he got voted off ..

Mandy Koskela says:

Between Belly girl and Raspy shit

Brenda Chavez says:

lol that guy said “Katy… You Make Me Feel Dirty…

Brook_Auburn says:

what song did he sing? please anyone answer.

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