300: Rise of an Empire – Official Trailer 3 [HD]

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https://www.facebook.com/300Movie http://www.300themovie.com/ In theaters March 7th! Based on Frank Miller’s latest graphic novel Xerxes, and told in the bre…


Zack Mon says:

it`s very graphical movie..with nice scenes and lots of slow movements…A
Zack Snyder movie. The only wrong in this Hollywood movie is the actor

darkbeat101 says:

good job feminism

Monkey Money says:

This movie should of been called: 300 Revenge of the man-boobs.

milly gribben says:

Is it bad that the only reason i wanna see this is for Eva Green?

Dylan Calderon says:

I saw this today it was great.

StealthTaco says:

Fucking great movie saw it today OMG must see fucking film!

Vinícius Soares says:

fucking great movie can not wait for next hopefully will not have to wait
seven years and was waiting for that , eva green its so sexy

belash ashkani says:

athenian gay at peloponnesian war scene: oh spartan fuck me hardly oh my
spartan gay at corinth war scene: ohhh I love your vast *** you athenian
athenian gay: wait wait I feel some body is watching us do not think so ?
and persian king behind the Curtain look at the camera and devil laughing

that’s my scenario for next 300: hero in being fucked
why do not hollywood make that

jay hopkin says:

It’s about darn time this came out… Going to see it today woot =)

Da Choppah says:

Possibly the worst Movie ever. My God what a stinker. So bad. 

moydy baucicaut says:

watched it just yesterday……hot garbage! it was like I was watching a
straight to video flick on the big screen. stomped on any chance of the
franchise becoming a trilogy.

Ryan Demaree says:

here for Sabbath 

Joe Castro says:

Who is that girl that goes to war with the Spartans? 

mattmanrx99 says:

I saw the movie today and it kicked so much ass!

Evaldas Kal says:

wanna pure action and decent visuals? go for it. wanna at least half decent
story? Go to see the first one or something different at all….

Stacker Pon says:

what song ???

connor kenway says:

The movie is bad ass best 300 movie I ever seen :)

keith anglin says:

This film was amazing. storyline, plot, effects, action scenes all Grade A.

moviefan17251 says:

I was skeptical, but I have to admit…this was an AWESOME movie. I can’t
even call it a sequel. Since it takes place before, during, and after the
events of the first movie, it should be called a sidequel. Similar enough
to the first movie to remind you why you loved it, but fresh enough to
stand on its’ own and not be a simple re-hash. And believe it or not…you
owe it to yourself to see it in 3D. If you have the means, I HIGHLY
recommend you see it in IMAX 3D, as I did. It is SO worth it. My full

freetheworld2314 says:

terrible…. the movie was just awful.. completely distorted history and it
just got worse when Queen Gorga showed up to fight at the end….. Just

Hunk x says:

Loved the picture didn’t like the story. a Greek whore controlled an army
as strong as Persian army. please read the history! I guess some
people heroes only on films :)

Irina Samoilova says:

The nowadays Greeks are nothing like those Ancient Greeks this movie is
about. The Turks fucked you hard and diluted that wonderful blood of your
ancestors with laziness and arrogance. So it’s so stupid you modern Greeks
watch this movie and really believe it somehow depicts the nature of your
nation at it is now. 

trvth1s says:

Just so everyone is clear; this movie is classified as a fantasy action
In no way is it historically accurate. While the Persians are depicted as
barbaric in the movie; they were actually they civilized peoples of the

Isaac Hunsinger says:

I need to see this movie!! I’ve watched this trailer so many times, I’ll be
walking through my house and randomly start running in slow-motion and go,
“Generals gathered in their masses…”

duskr bizcuts says:

u see eva green tits in this movie

unstated says:

What song called

Dew Votion says:

What’s with all the F!$& words in the comment section ? 

Tripican.com says:

The ecstasy of steel and flesh. Sweat and muscle. Rage. WAR.

300:Rise of an Empire hits the Cinemas this Friday! @Extratainment


oh Lord yeah! ………

ellie redmond says:

Showing at Movie Junction tonight at 10:30pm

“300 : Rise Of An Empire”
Greek general Themistokles leads the charge against invading Persian forces
led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes and Artemisia, vengeful commander of the
Persian navy.

Ricardo Alvarado says:

Just watched in 3d! Awesome . Looks like gonna be part 3 +Pris G

Iman Afrooz says:

Three things that can be said about this movie:
1. Fake Movie.
2. Made ​​of director’s childish thoughts.
3. Sense of inferiority of its director against the glory of ancient
Iranian civilization compare to the wild Europe.

b00m13 says:

Whole theater was laughing at the scene with the 2 Immortals looking at
each other , hearing Artemisia + Themistocles fuking each other’s brains

We were wondering what would Themistocles say if someone asked him “was it
worth it, letting all your friends die, the Navy destroyed just to have a
quick fuk with Artemisia and then leave her?”

Themistocles: Hell yeah!!

sandeep kumar singh thakur says:

realy i enjoyd

mcamino2k10 says:

buena pela….bellisima Eva Green!!!!

Luis WüRTTELE says:

Whats your name songs?

Kitz Arce says:

Definitely has part 3. Great movie I just watched it today. Not advisable
for children because of it’s breath taking blood fight scenes. I enjoyed it

Hergi says:

This is the best trailer :-))

Dimitar Velichkov says:

Really sad that most people don’t really know the story and just watch the
movies instead of just reading a book, or even better – a history textbook!
The movie, no matter how great the effects and how hot the actress, is full
of historic mistakes the biggest of which is that the real battles from the
two movies in reality happened during the same days! While the spartans
were guarding the “Hot gates” passage, the greek fleet was guarding only
other way where the persians could arrive by water. It would be good to
first read Greek Mythology and then watch movies like “Immortals”, Clash of
the Titans, “300” etc.

Virasai Liankeo says:

One word to describe this movie is EPIC!! and I wasn’t a big fan of the
first one. 

NomadSniper68 says:

Whats the song lol

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