Gay High School Musical 3

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No one told you what was coming in the 3rd High School Musical…. (THIS IS A JOKE!!! to everyone who doesnt have a sense of humor.. And we got the idea from…


Prussia LivesOn says:

yea right you dated him do you have proof??

unclemeganuts says:

@smosh99fan- you know, all those kids watchin…wouldn’t be appropriate!
xp. But they had their own little signs to each other that WE saw…i think
that ryan kid’s in it too, 3-way!!!

zorrotod says:

ajajajaja XD

Trey Williams says:


12kenziek says:

theyy try to make sound like they arre gayy for pablicity!! or however you
spell thats GAYY

RonstarGamer600 says:

How do I copy and paste

blondchick55 says:

if zac efron ended up gay i dont know what i would do with my life

Rose55z says:

He is gay! I don’t see how there could be any question about it. Corbin
Bleu, on the other hand, is a smokin’ heterosexual.

Jenny Ngun Hlei Par says:

fuck u gurl the r not gay mayb u r

Patrick Bowden says:

gay rip off

71259mark says:

Watchingyou1962 <——– Loves this kind of stuff !!!!

smosh99fan says:

@flexer122 not in the movie =P

flexer122 says:

@smosh99fan i know not in the movie but they are the kings of gayness

TheFmania says:

faggot mania dot com

Maria Coutinho says:

porra que idotas n tem coisa melhor pra fazer n ? é otarios!!!

smosh99fan says:

@sonias so its a lesbian?

Bridgette Cherie says:

I didnt need a video to tell me highschool musical was gay.

cherry7590 says:

zack efron is the gaylord 😀

allusiswatshappenin says:


bradley bishop says:

@TwilightTLoZ You’ve watched two men having butt sex…?

CrayonsPink says:

I always thought Chad/Ryan was a cute couple. :)

Natali M says:


ExtremeJeffEnigma says:

what other kind of high school musical is there?

smosh99fan says:

@barret2378 i know =P

yanitze26 says:

ooohhhhhhh nooooo now we know the truth of troy and chad!!!!! :O

smosh99fan says:

@unclemeganuts honestly i havent seen the movies. only the first one and i
didnt like it. its never to early to get introduced to homosexuality =D.
BTW can you read this in your inbox? every time i press the button to read
it it goes blank =P

omiloverzyou says:

we all knew they were gay already

zeroendless2 says:

No way! Troy should be with Ryan!! XD

Thesingingmerdude says:

1:12 did zak jizz himself? O.o

Helmut Wößner says:

Where is the gay Butt Secks?

kurbypinky says:

I like that Vanessa sung in the back for them. lol

TanishaNirvanax says:

Bahahah xD


This isn’t a copy of something original… at all…..

VenusMy129 says:

How come I see more love between these two boys than between Troy and

AnnaNaomi186 says:

lol! 2 funni i luv wen ppl say a ccertain movie is gay and then they pull
out clips!

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