From Bump to Buzz

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We took photos every day through the 9 months of our pregnancy, this is the result (plus a little song I wrote called “Something New”). Big thanks to Mr. Dav…


AlyMewGaming says:

that so sweet

Joyce Donahue says:

This is a beautiful celebration of new life. A photo of the baby bump every
day through their pregnancy…

Kim Vij says:

*A Song for All Parents Preparing for a Baby*

Take a peek at this special video created by Tom Fletcher and his lovely
wife every day through the 9 months of her pregnancy. The result is a
priceless memory including a very special little song he wrote called
“Something New”.

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*Do you have a special song for your baby?*

Shout out to David Spearing for his creative skills in putting it all
together too. To discover more visit

#newparents #baby #parenting #viralvideo #pinoftheday 

Drinks Made Easy says:

Absolutely awesome!

ThePurpleCheeseGaming says:

i just had to download and speed up the video haha

Stan Jefferson says:

This is Gold. Watch and see. 

luvinlife225 says:

Something got in my eyes..

Nick Mwakajumba says:

freakin awesome song

ella gwynne-evans says:

Aww baby buzz has so much fluffy hair!

Luis Michelazzo says:

This is adorable to the infinity and beyond.

Robyn Jones says:

Wahhhhh! That was so touching. ♥

Euge G says:

This is probably the cutest thing ever.

jaysplace01 says:

theres literally no reason to dislike this incredible video.

anniandro says:

Bloody hell, this has almost reached 4 million views! Wow that was fast! 

Stephanie Marie says:

This was so beautiful <3

enricofermi says:


seno bayu says:

We wish for blessed & happyness life to Fletcher Family

Katie Eaton says:

I watched this twice, once to see the baby grow and once to see Gi’s hair
change each time 😛 buzz is absolutely adorable! 😀 xx 

Cristell Santillan says:


Childcare ETC says:

Such an adorable video! From Bump to Buzz

Isaaclong782000 says:

Beautiful x

Laura Jane Wilson says:

So well done! I hope you can nurture that same creativity and excellence in
your child :) Congrats! and the song is great. (i’m usually a harsh
critic… the song is really really great.)

Leanne Rdesinski says:

this is so cute im 

Laura Guile says:

Not only is the time-lapse pregnancy cute, the catchy tunes make it
adorable… So cute

renee caesar says:

Love this

Rose Warsop says:

Gi is beautiful.

mcleanclan says:

A beautiful tribute to the love you three share. Amazing.

Abigail Chorley says:

love love love

lolocsun says:


shanice weems says:

AWWWWWWWW!!! so sweet :’)

Wayne Tree Bear says:

Absolutely beautiful , I hope all is well with your family . fantastic to
see . I wish you the best life .

Amanda Chavis says:

I absolutely love this song! Is there somewhere I can buy and/or download
it? (with your permission, since you wrote it).

Shoopalexia says:

So cute! Congrats!

Cory Denton says:

What kind of a husband and father stays home to finish playing some song
instead of going to the hospital with his wife? People these days have
absolutely no class.

Kristen Baldwin says:

Amazing video!!

Kev Urbie says:

And this is how people are born gay.

Rutger Kraaijer says:

Love the song. Touching video. Have a great life together!

WilmaCokfit says:

wow she really let herself go

Sean Beste says:

That is sweet. Best to all three of you.

David Downing says:

Wonderful heart felt video. Thanks so much for sharing! 

Helen Garcia says:

Thank you so much for this, most meaningful video I have ever watched :)

timmytomtie Jr. says:

All the 765 Haters! what is wrong with u guys!?

TalonHavoc says:

Sooooo adorable:3

little miss youtube lover says:

How cute is that awww good luck im sure you will be amazing parents. What a
good song as well

Emily Heaton says:

OMG awww this is my second comment and I’ve watched it loads and can’t stop
crying awww I’ve watched this just as much as your wedding speech xxxxxx

Núria mfm says:

One of the most beauiful videos that I’ve ever seen! Congrats for the new

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