Joanne Milne’s Implants are turned on and she hears for the first time

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Joanne’s Milne’s Implants are turned on and she hears for the first time. Read more here:…


DNA Militar says:

That is why I Fuck LOVE Science….

Gary C says:

such a powerful video, heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.
bless her x

Jez2008UK says:

Had me in tears – and I say that with pride :)

eliastop says:

wait. if she is hearing for the first time, how is she understanding what
the woman is talking to her, confused 

Alvaro Delgado says:

This is beautiful but this bitch does have a high pitched voice.

Shyam Srinivasan says:

This made me cry in 0.2343209 seconds

fouroverseven says:

This is so moving… thanks for sharing!

Matt Moore says:

This is so cool. Really happy for her.

RavielUriaHamon says:

What kind of cruel pathetic asshole can even dislike this?

Elayeth Sinclaire says:

The other lady sounds like Deanna Troi from Star Trek.

Shakz Boom says:

Science & technology rocks!!!

Nia the Gulf Gypsy says:

Can’t imagine a world without the sounds we take for granted. Music,
laughter, a baby’s cry, rain on a tin roof, wind through the trees……

Imagine for this woman, the first time to hear voice, would be akin to
being dropped into a strange, new world. Exciting and frightening at the
same time.

TheGodYouWishYouKnew says:

How did she know it sounds high? How would she know the difference between
high and low?

Matt Dargis says:

I teared up a bit.

Hey Ciro says:

There you go, this is CIENCE! Doctors and engineers didn’t make this
possible by praying or reading the fucking bible. 

Serena Ellen-Ruby says:

Yeah I’m confused. So until now she has been deaf and blind. How come she
can speak English and sound out words, and understand somebody SPEAKING
when she has never been able to hear anything until now…? Shouldn’t she
just be hearing gibberish? This. Doesn’t make any sense to me…???? Not
just that but she’s blind too? Generally seeing someones mouth moves helps
sound out words??

By the way her reaction is beautiful, an elderly woman who shared the same
hospital room with my father had a similar reaction when she had a cornea
transplant done and could see again after losing her sight as a young
child. She wept and laughed and then told my father that “You don’t look
how I heard you.”

Jane Dow says:

Doctor’s voice sounds beautiful!

Sliq85 says:

Oh great someone starting cutting onions while i watched this video.

Chris G says:


Ryan Finley says:

I cried. Immediately starting this video.

Veronica M says:

All Hail Science!

Helene Levenson says:

So happy for her!

James Cawthorne says:

This made me well up. These are the individuals we should look up to.
Science is unpredictable. Well done to the doctors and I wish this woman
all the best. Thank you for lightening up my day. 

Christopher Peters says:

Someone is obviously chopping a lot of onions next door. My eyes are a
little wet. I’m going to go complain.

BEN O says:

Now will she have to learn the english language through actually speaking

BossFinale says:

weird. It sounds like she has a slight accent.

رامي غيث says:

And I hope you can see what I wrote to you

STRYKER1467 says:

now we need eye implants :)

Hoblero8910 says:

How does she know spoken language and how to speak if she was deaf until
that point? :o

Robert Skovborg says:

If it’s the first time she can hear, how can she understand English when
spoken to her. She can obv. read and write.

Dillon Liu says:

I am so happy for you Joanne! Enjoy a different world from now on.

Alberto De la Hoz says:

This video could’ve been a whole deal more touching if it were recorded
horizontally instead of vertically :'(

Susichie R says:

We take so much for granted! This is so sweet!

Alberto Uribe says:


Adam Skrabanek says:

Why the f**k do you put science and religion in opposition? God gave the
scientists talent and skill to enable that piece of awesomeness. And as
regards video – this is how pure happiness looks like…

Abdellah BAKKACH says:

I wish i could contact Joanne because i have a really beautiful thing for
her to listen to :)

likacow says:

what a crybaby

nephilimnameless says:

Oh my gosh I wish someone in the room would just hug her or something! :(
They just let her sob…. and watch her…. deadpan. Friggen stoic brits

Andrew Bergk says:

“its going to sound high pitch at first” so let me talk to you in my most
high pitched voice

Luis Gerardo Fierro says:

Please someone give her a hug

AK says:

In a time where we, as people, are always desiring more and more things
each day, it’s amazing to see someone overwhelmed and so genuinely grateful
for the simple gift of just being able to hear. I’m so happy for her, I
wish her all the best!

مهاوش بن ذبيان says:

omg my tears fall ! I’m happy for her

Bernie Hasler says:

Tear jerking, you must watch. 

pointnozzleaway says:

makes life good !

Anthony Welch says:

I cried. Thanks for uploading. 

FinalApocalypse says:

I dont want to be mean.. But can someone explain me how can she talk if she
never heard a sound in her life? I mean how does she know that yes is
pronounced “yes” (and other words)? I just curious, rly happy for her!

Yang Ye says:

Imagine her hearing Mozart for the first time.

smiggyballz says:

AWWW GOOD LUCK TO HER!! and WELL DONE all the doctors/scientists/people who
spent their time and efforts advancing this particular field of treatment
which has led to such an amazing gift to another human being. These are
the unsung heroes whilst everyone worships beyonce…

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