Kids React to Viral Videos #3 (Chocolate Rain, Psycho Girl Can’t Sing, Pretty Girl Makes Faces)

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Melanie Ovans says:

do kids react to indian girl what is my name

Skyart444 says:

4:16 troll face?

koolbraden com says:

1st comment

Tomas Salvo says:

“How to put this nicely?…BAD”

SnowyPanda says:

Some people on this are just so clueless

Vin Sad says:

I love how nobody seems to get the deeper meaning behind the song.

EthePanda says:

Teens react to the psycho girl 

Trajan Surca says:

Choclate Rain = Discord

Rainbowloom And more says:


Will Barkerr says:

Ha ha

baraka wanjau says:

O gosh see that face I think she’s relatives with the joker o.O

kktfashion says:

The second video I know that girl her name is Harley she is not crazy
anymore but a little bit still crazy

TheNuclearRedstone says:

That chocolate rain video holds the gateway key to. YouTube

Huski CB says:

Omg when Dylan was just a little guy… XD so cute

Joel Gaytan says:

Kids react to best vines

adriana quinones says:

4-K 4-Kever

losocio143 says:


sheila manero says:

i just love dylan..

tim nate says:

Chocolate rain is a good song

Derpy Pon says:

do kids react to caty perry

lillian kittykat says:

kids react to the omg cat

Quinnton Bessey says:

I say that we give Morgan some more cat videos…….

The Undertaker says:

They don’t understand that it’s about racism.

Natalie Lee says:

Kids react to cheatercheaterbestfriendeater lol

Leah Carlson says:

OMG 2:58, “ha ha don’t don’t don’t”

Irvin Vera says:

5:36 everytime I see his face in the end I can’t stop laughing.

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