Grappling Gun

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The little guy loves his custom-made costumes and his modified Nerf Guns.


osutaoptzecisisapte says:

Nice, but seems like u cut his legs at 0:12 😀
just sayin’..

Earl Green says:

BY THE RIVERS OF BABYLON II Kings 17:6, 18 & Psalms 137:1
Jesus leads us by the still waters where He restores our souls. When we
rebel and reject Him we are casted by the rivers of wrath and turbulence
and death. Israel sinned, and sinned, and sinned some more; till there was
nothing left for God to do but to leave them to their own devices. Rivers
of wrath or still waters of peace? It’s a clear choice clouded by the
trappings of this life. Jesus is the right choice.

Chris Georgiev says:

Wish I had a dad like that – Grappling Gun

Bow Downdvd says:

Grapple gun with partially shrinking side effects.

Stew Pedaso says:

This kid has some great toys.


hahah cool!

Rejected Productions says:

this on looks like the simplest of them all really? He had him jump then
hang in front of a green screen, then placed that clip right when the kid
jumps. he as well, animated the grappling hook and added motion blur.
additional smaller effects were used but it will take forever to say them
all without seeing the raw footage

Tyler Franklin says:

Wow epic

Chris Moore says:

Here’s a great video… My kids are so jealous!

MagecraftLP says:


shirusubemonaku says:

whoa! I want that gun!

Ann Le {Anneorshine} says:

So awesome!

Curtis J. Livingston, III says:

A new meaning to NERF’s slogan.
It’s that “…Or Nothin'”.

Elijah Games says:

….. I’m so confused…. He said he wants down. Is this real! Or is he
just a really good actor…. Lol

PhysicalBeef says:

you can see the “crack” in the roof moving a little tinchy bit

Liberty309 says:

He did an interview with INSIDE EDITION on how he did the graphics. When
the kid is hanging from the ceiling , the guy just filmed himself holding
his son in the air by his hands. Then just blend things together and bam,
working grappler.

Miztah3 says:

Coolest dad on earth!

Jeyna LSC says:

It only takes one video for me to subscribe to you. You are awesome!

Rocio Juarez says:


wi11y1960 says:

That kid is lucky to have you for a such a cool Dad!

Olivier Charlier says:

J’adore !

KoG GoK says:

pedos all of you

MarleyB94 says:


The legend of Phoenixcraft says:


childrenofworld2014 says:

cute :))

Petit Colibri says:

“I want down!” hahahaha


I wonder how he got down.

Corina Martinez says:


HieuVu Duc says:

For a Dreamworks animator this was all just child play….Literally.

Eduard Pavlov says:


CharlieBramps says:

Which programme do you use to edit your videos?

Laurie Conway says:

Where does he get such marvelous toys?? Lmao!

Steven Herweg says:



yoo i really like what you did there 😀 is it possible for you to make a
tutorial ? It would be really great and i think im not the only person who
wants to know how this works 😀 Thank you.

Mega MindyLou says:

Keep em coming! These are great!! 

Tova Wax says:

Uploaded on my Birthday!

The Diamond Blade says:

am I the only one who instantly thought
“3D Manuver Gear”

Warmachine Vengeance says:

These are awesome!!

Andrija Pincjer says:


Jenny Garnsey says:

If y’all don’t know. The dad works for DreamWorks and just added stuff for
fun for his family videos.

Ethan Howarth says:

LOL well funny

Super66466 says:

I like it how hes wearing a Superman T-shirt.

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