Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011 2012: Kanye, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Miranda Kerr [RAW]| FashionTV

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SUBSCRIBE NEW YORK – Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2011 2012 Exclusive! The Victoria’s Secret Angels da…


Anthony D says:

Kanye and Jay-Z Suck.

Todai Ling says:

…and that’s what paradise looks like :p

Rudolf Nemeth says:

It’s like a dream…

Angel Liu says:

Omg haha if i was nicki minaj i wouldnt walk next to the models becuase it
made her look so fat and chubby

Gabrielle Harris says:

Orlando was so proud!! Lol 

Marlyn Diaz says:

Miranda and Orlando were so cute!!! 

Julie Christie says:

too beautiful

Snoopy says:

Miranda for life!
But some body please get rid of Adam Levine!

Kondoh Kodnoh says:


Maria Klemish says:

i love miranda. she is so pretty

Supcharged says:

nicki minaj looks like a shrimp

lilpinkneko says:

Haha omg the crowd is silent when Kanye sings and even the lovely Models
look unamused. Lol

Rui Costa says:

do you guys remember the fist music of scketch of fashion tv in 1997
between every space of collection woman! I remeber than man was
prodigy-smack my bitch up! but the woman was somthing like “come on come on
come on babe…” i guess it’s Bary white and another violins rember? who
belongs that songs?

Eva Vvip says:

I love Miranda Kerr !!! Though i’m a girl,Miranda attracks me, i really
admire her beauty n body !!!

Lara Minaj says:

Nicki Minaj Diva U.u

Ken House says:

I feel bad for niki she looks like nyan cat therw up

Raquel Prieto says:

I miss Miranda Kerr :(

tkdpower says:

My Victoria’s Secret angels. Love them all :) 

Sara Jones says:

Perfectly awesome! Love the Angels and everything from Victoria’s Secret! ♥

Lawan Chawihli says:

Miranda is the queen

alex hmar says:

Miranda lovely smile…. u r such an awesome angels…!!!

renz irivn Bolocboloc says:

Orlando was so proud..

Ni JewelFish says:

I miss miranda kerr :(

ruthsumbrellaa says:

miranda kerr <3

lily bunbun says:

i feel so sorry for Nicki Minaj..she looks horrible in this show…

EmmaSockmonkey says:

What ever happened to Erin Heatherton? I think she’s so beautiful! I rarely
see her anymore on the VS commercials! 

minimouselover13 says:

Miranda Kerr is a goddess

Michal Milczarek says:

3:07 pysznie :)

fatalmoosejuice says:

Aww me poor Kanye’s jk

Almighty gan says:

idiots’ show

sihem oak says:

like it really glam underneaths

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show says:

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