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Man At Arms Adventure Time: Bloopers, BTS, and More! Get the NEW SmoshTime Shirt!:…


Smosh says:


monkeydude952 says:

So that’s how the mushroom war started…
Makes sense.

GamingEnchantedHD says:

2:00 That Subtle Crotch Scratch Tho XD 

WarriorCraft Dusk says:

Me: Damnit The Police didnt think Stevie murdered that guy >:I and *Nash*

Loonmight The Coyote says:

so THIS is how the show happened! some morons hit a nuke with a sword,
there wasn’t a war… or was the war started after the usa blamed the nuke
on someone else?

AdamGaming says:

Sofa king stupid… Sofu cking stupid…. SO FUCKING STUPID!

JKPwnage says:

Anyone else notice the black guy said “You are my boyfriend?”

ARunny Choi says:

Mmmm clever clever..” I think that joke was sofaking stupid” good one good

Claire Christie says:

Finn changed his sword :

GammaCaeles says:

“i can’t understand youoo…yoooo tooolkin toooo slooooooooow!”
fucking lel’d

Bucky Jones says:

3:06 going to the store XD

MrTheVraptor says:

That girl with the black guy kinda looked like Jennifer Lawrence…

Hilko Nakken says:

what is the name of the song at the beginning?


awesome I want finns sword :(

Jayden Newell says:

4:51, I think they started the Great Mushroom War.

Cyborg Bot says:

Stevie is so cute!

Chris Martinez says:


Ivaellan Pulls says:

the sword of bilbo bolsom of the hobbit the sword of orkos

david röhrig says:

0:29 look at the banana
0:30 look at the banana
0:33 look at the banana

Olivia Morelock says:

I love adventure time! ^.^

pro x vids says:

Anthony’s banana at the start changed size constantly. Thought i’d point
that out 

Maxemos Games says:

Sovakin haha got it ?! yeah and it’s so SOVAKIN BAD ! oh god that pun made
me laugh so hard :’)

susie landau says:

This is just stupidly awesome

Gevorg Gevorgyan says:

This episode was sofa king funny.

Amethyst Blue says:

The jake hat is cute

Kate Lesa says:

“A ghost”

TheRealKTGaming says:


RainbowsareEPIC101 says:

Those jokes were sofa king stupid…

Jim Staley says:

I like jake better

Eyob Mulugeta says:


Stijn Tytgat says:

Stevie is so hilarious!

Kimberly Garcia says:

i like stevie

GamerdoPro2156 says:

dear smosh,
Can you make a video where you do a nerf war in it
where ian got nerf rapidstrike and anthony got a nerf
retaliator and there is GunvsGun in there that he used
a nerf gun like automatic and gunvsgun challenge smosh
and thanks GamerdoPro2156

Mike MM says:

ball scratch in the backround

Logan Griffith says:


ZeNo Dead says:

R.I.P for two Finn 

Fernando Muniz says:


Stative Coyote says:


Beaver Kaneaver says:

Finn has a cursed grass sword now.

SuperLuigi Land says:

Awesome smosh


that was balltastic! (ps do u ladz have a channel with pewdiepie cause that
would be epic)

Edwin Zha says:

2:00 Anthony scratching his dick

Faith Guerra says:

This video was sofa king stupid and also this comment *-*

Pieter Beirens says:

How did Anthony get ians sword

ЗдуеиДх- ПЪр Янщиспр ьха пкъг пдие! says:

F*ck you smosh! You want to get a campaign to raise money when you were
making 1Grand on your first video?! You don’t need to raise money you have
over 5 channels! You make a lot! I am just stating out the campaign was a

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