26-Pound Gummy Python is a 7 foot long candy snake!

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Buy here: http://www.vat19.com/dvds/26-pound-edible-gummy-python-candy.cfm?adid=youtube Please subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/vat19com…


imNiiiiikko says:

$150.00 Later…

labe keebler says:

Americans are good at one thing and that thing is making foods for Fat

lewishinchcliffe says:

Thank you vat19 for making a video where British people are failures.
That’s not offencive at all

Apex Assassins says:

only americans would give u a sweet that gives you instant diabites :D

carpo719 says:

1:07 LOL!!! Subbed…

Hubbalexco says:

And it’s like a real python, it can kill you :)

jasmine cooley says:

i never would have guessed you two were british. you two are good actors.

daniel plummer says:

the actual gummy snake is $149.99… it better taste good for that price 

Jacob Suggs says:

oh hell no

Mario experts 51 says:

And just like that, you get diabetes 

Esther Im says:

Are they speaking in British accent?

Legendarydrago123 says:

3:16 LOL 

loegaray272 says:

Jeff I want you biting my tail.. 

christopher wiggins jr. says:

tell me why does that look like ian and anthony from smosh look like the
guys in the video but more older

Dakota Trendy says:

These things are awesome. Imagine thousands of tiny sparks of awesomeness
dancing on your tongue. AND YOU CAN’T EVEN FINISH IT.

KingCorny93 says:

26 pound of heartattack and diabetis.

Ryan Porter says:

I thought these guys had normal Californian accents…

Queen Rose Fox says:

LOL XD I’m from the USA and the last part was too funny.

Justin Baird says:

This is one way to slither towards diabetes

Melodyboo Graal says:

OMG! He has a flip phone!

krowanders says:

I absolutely need a full length version of the country song. I’m dying

Cullen823 says:

If you force-feed this to someone, then you can slowly kill them with

Glorbin Highbit says:

It’s alot of money.

TheLightningWhale says:

36,000 calorie gummy? HOLY FUCKING DOG SHIT… insert gif from Full Metal
Jacket here >>>>>>

Scott Weatherby says:

“I only eat shit that’s bigger than me” Died at that part.

SirPlease207 says:

LOL he still has a flip phone

erik frank says:

nice phone.

Kjeld Schoonheim says:

I really don’t see the point of overpriced disgusting shit like this.
Just waisting natural resources for paper money.

MisterKrusher says:

That’s cute guys

DestuctionProduct says:

it should have a hard candy version

Se7en Stones says:

$150 for that bad boy and only available in 2 mixed flavors. I want one,
but I think $150 is a bit much. Maybe $25-$30. Plus my favorite flavors are
the cherry and the clear pineapple flavored ones. Sorry guys! Maybe if it
were about $120 cheaper. :(

perenti666 says:

fags ..

HannahIsAHipsterLol says:

So that’s what $149.99 worth of gummy looks like

Zoe Branch says:


Niko Chaker says:

How much sugar is in it

Chris Spivey says:

i love how it says all this and not one dick joke well let me be the one to
start it God that’s like half as long as my dick

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