Mila Kunis Blushes over Ashton

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Ellen held nothing back when when Mila Kunis was here, and asked her about what’s going on between her and Ashton Kutcher. See how she responded!


beth phoenix says:

She sorta looks like Lucy hale

oSoRandom says:

Shut up Meg! 

No0bT4rD says:

mila kunis’ voice sounds so much like her meg voice from family guy that i
just wanna run up to her, slap her and fart in her face and then go
hehehehehehehehehehehehehehe while i point at her.

Hashirama Senju says:

Kelso and Jackie are Canon now.

Brian Kerby says:

didnt she fuck the home alone kid?

Nick Opz says:

Isn’t so cute that they’re getting married now 😀 ♥ ? 

MrDRTK says:

Aren’t they back together now.

Sydney Renee says:

that was adorable c:

RedB Ben says:

God, she’s beautiful.

MissJennyReckless says:

that’s the cutest thing ever !! so adorable :’)

Marc A says:

DAMN Jackie!

pyrright330 says:

well ashton Kutcher has been hittin it since she was 14 so of course shes
still gana blush

Brittany S. Pierce says:

shes so cute lol xD bless

papa smurf says:

ashton is such a bitch. he could get any chick he wants famous or not but
he goes for these subpar chicks. any rich dude could get with mila

nelson kaboots says:

Shut up Meg!

Rebecca Black says:

Jackie and Kelso awwww:)

summer lee says:

Jackie and Kelso forever 

Maria Laura Camacho says:

Awww Jackie and Kelso in the real life ♥♥

abele abbey says:

Ellen really knows how to make people feel awkward lol
<3 Ellen

HitomiAyumu says:

Jeromy is hot. :O

mahesh pvk says:

Natalie Portman and Justin Timberlake are still her friends with benefits

Sassy Thai says:

Oh Ellen lol

TheWLX says:

She is Meg, and she is cute as can be! WOW

rivaldo6565 says:

Shut up meg :D

Christopher Ramos says:

Shut up Meg!

Maya Al Dilati says:

she’s so adorable

livey benatov says:

I just love Mila’s laugh

Laura D says:

ahhh ellen :)

NGXtina says:

I miss her and Macaulay together :( 

BioMetalFreak says:

shut up meg

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