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Taken from the Album “The Shape Of A Broken Heart” Order the Album now at Amazon: iTunes: For Greece, Cyprus buy on iTunes:…


nefeli Sofou says:


Nyx Gypsy says:

Too bad people here in the US don’t get to know good music like this. They
get stuck with bullshit radio music like Miley Cyrus n 

Iza Kiladze says:

You Will Never Know ….!

Alina Pushkina says:

my favorite song tonight

Justyna Konczewska says:

Wonderful singer

Ελένη Τσίγκρη says:

You will never know….:-)

Ilona Baczewska says:

to tak na dobranoc :)

Catherine Nicol says:


You will never know**************

Antonis Aslanator says:

You will NEVER know, i will never show, what i NEED, what i FEEL from YOU,
NO….. :/

Nyx Gypsy says:

BTW, I saw the Brazilian movie that this video is based on, Orfeo Negro.
Good movie, good video

nefeli Sofou says:


Elo Sanchez says:

You will never know!!

olga rodatou says:

i love imani

dora christodoulou says:

Ela Erato says:

The voice :)

Tatyana Goncharova says:
miśka belieber says:

love love love

thecramb andreou says:

my love not be together. still love you

Chung Yan TSE says:

again #imany 

Anastasia Tzovani says:

No comments…just listen

aslı atasoy says:

ruhum rüyaya dalmış…

Алёна Сепп says:


miko Leśniewska says:

It breaks my heart cause I know you’re the one for me..fuck

Dea Caeli says:

So nice…..

дмитрий филимонов says:


Chegew4r4 says:

На 2,12 Москвич 2140

Jacek jackowsky says:


Carolynn McDuck says:

I will never show!

Yoo Velinova says:

I have the weird feeling that I’ve heard this song before, as a child, but
sang from a man .. But I just can’t find it .. :(

Denča Králová says:

oh, ten text…

Magda Tsigaropoulou says:

perfect song!!!!!!11

Efi Fountanopoulou says:

It might be the weather.. but i’m feeling this today..

Lê Thị Minh Duy says:

u will never know…. n i dont know too

eka gagua says:

i like

Rafael Toreh says:

like this and the voice, but some of the pronunciation of the words bother
me, no offence. It’s amazing, nevertheless.

Deniz aydın says:

will I ever know? I felt, I feel, I’ll feel. So, I must have been falling,
i am falling and always will be falling without a soul like you.

BlueLotus Poland says:

fucking amazing

xercisegym james says:


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