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TheFineBros says:

It’s React Sunday! Check out TEENS REACT TO 90’s INTERNET and remember to
watch the bonus on our second channel! BONUS Footage! Teens React 90s
Internet (Bonus #68)

TheFineBros says:

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TheFineBros says:

Thanks for all the support everyone – share this video like crazy!

Vladamir Moses says:

Elders react to Mortal Kombat X. Enough said.

LMacNeill says:

That was hilarious – what a cheesy video!

I was big into computers with dial-up modems as early as, oh, 1983 or so…
Dialing into local BBS’s and CompuServe! (Anyone remember CompuServe?

WildSpartanz says:

How did these kids not know what a modem is……

Sona Bang says:

Teens react to Kpop!


Elders react to ERB

ThGameSystem10 says:

Teens or Kids React to ‘Loom Bands’

wasabi1787 says:

Man, you should’ve stuck them on a pc with a 14.4 dialup modem.

Бэлэгбаяр Батбаяр says:

How do they not know modems and its sounds, being born in the 90s?

Ryan Simmons says:

Is it odd that I’m 14, and I knew what a modem was, what America Online
was, etc.? I’m a bit of a geek, so I knew these things long ago.

TyrannousCheese says:

I’m 19, and I feel remember a lot of this stuff (albeit the end of this
older internet stuff but still). How do these guys, being only 2ish years
younger than me, not know a lot of these things?

Azula1001 says:

Omg, I’m just 20 years old and these guys make me feel old. I remember when
we would get the aol discs in the mail and we had to pay for service. My
mom would yell for us to get off the internet because she’s expecting an
important phone call.. We still had a dial up modem up until about 2004.

ChBrahm says:

Please Teens React toLeague of Legends LCS/Championship 

Luce Jackie says:

Teens/Youtubers React to #Exo OVERDOSE !!!

banemen27 says:

0:35 She’s 16! I’m going to jail

Maddy Simcox says:

Teens react to world cup song by Joe Weller!

MagicBelievers says:


Dat Struggle says:

Make them react to LUIGI DEATHSTARE!

Turbo Nerd says:

They’ve never heard of Netscape Navigator? Pffffft. Teenagers are such

bonita parker says:

Malinda Reese google translate songs!!!!!!

More Rice says:

I have never seen something so cringeworthy…

Devil Police says:

teens react to vanossgaming

Fodly23 says:

Kids React to Tobuscus

silentsoul says:

Dam kids lol

Steeger says:

wroetoshaw (W2S)
Olan Rogers
The Duck Voice
Reacting to KSI reacting to teens react to KSI lol
Led Zeppelin
FRESH POTS (Dave Grohl)
My Chemical Romance
:) Please like because I would love to see some of these discussed

HolyKnightGamer72 says:

Elders react to Mortal Kombat X trailer!!

Taylor Flower says:

Teens react to GoodMythicalMorning

Anna Rawr says:

I actually remember the noises and playing Reader Rabbit and being really
happy when I got to play, and I’m not even a 90’s kid, I was raised in an
old electronics family, but I still remember all the old things.

FawFlame says:

elders react to mortal kombat x trailer

Cody Crawford says:

Teens react to Flash classics? Ultimate Showdown, the Madness series, End
of Ze World et cetera. Before there was Youtube there was Newgrounds!
Respect your history!

Charly Boy says:


AdmiredDisorder says:

I remember Netscape Navigator!!

Oh god… am I old? D:

KyoShumiTa says:

Teens react to Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny anyone?

Matthew Martinez says:

Teens react to michael jackson hologram 

deepak narayan says:

Now i know how Arion got the sound for the beggining ofinternet rebellion 

Chel N. says:

I’m 24 and even I found this hard to watch haha I remember when we got
internet, I just remember dial up and how you couldn’t go online without
messing up the landline phone. Also I played a lot of games from discs

Orlando Barrios says:

Teens react to the Luigi Death Stare XD it even appeard on Fox 5 news

MixiBabe says:

Teen react to turn ‘down for what music video

exoshinee88 says:

Teens react to IISuperwomanII! 

Catherine Kennedy says:

This makes me cringe. 

Hari Haran says:

I really hope you guys do React to Cyanide and Happiness :D

BriceFilmz says:

Teens react to vsause! 

Alejandro De La Cerda says:

Teens and elders react to tyler Oakley could be either one

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