18 Photoshop Fails You Have To See

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Emil Georgiev says:

I can’t notice what’s wrong with the one at 0:56

madeline hatter says:

Mariska what have they done to you!?

Pablicio SK says:

The last one… I don’t know. It’s seems real… give me some time to think
about it…

The Unholy Offspring of Lightning and Death Itself says:

I am now my dog…. THANK YOU PHOTOSHOP!

Emma Lewis says:

right i think im having a blond moment here but i dont get what is wrong
with the pic at 00:14 she has 2 arms and her shin showing right ? what do
they mean 

Lucine Hughes says:

terrible choice of music to go with this video.

oujae1 says:

If 3D cameras existed and there Photoshop was a 3D editor all these
problems wouldn’t exist

theTOMTOMs says:

ahem, buzzfeed…. SLOOWWWW TTHE FUCKKK DOWNNNNNN!!!!! The idea that
everything on the internet needs to be fast is… BULLSHIT. So please, slow

DarkW0lverine says:

North Korea: the most laughable government since George Bush’s

TristianHenz5851 says:

Acually…Mariska has a big head…that’s legit, watch one of her cooking

Superleo98100 says:

Common, i didnt subscribe for this sh*t. I wantet to see videos like Places
you should travel too, or unbelievebel places, but since a few month the
videos are getting worse and worse. I swear, soon i am gonna desubscribe.

ljubisa2000 says:

last one… LOL

The88shrimp says:

I find it funny how noways every digitally edited image is refereed to
Photoshop when there are other better programs out there just not as

Josh Mcdowell says:

you guys get paid to make this garbage?

GriffinGreen says:

Call me stupid, but I cannot find the photoshop mistake on Madonna for the
one labeled “casual alien”

Harrison A says:

“It’s all that spinach man” picture could actually be real. He could have
injected synthol into his arms. It’s basically an oil that gives you fake,
ugly ass muscles.

Fugazity says:

0:40 with a face as pretty as that who cares about the size of her boobs.

Brandon Strain says:

0:31 Her ass is so big it broke through the wall

BeatlesandWebkinz says:

It is sad to know that people can’t fix the photo to actually look real.

SirEden9000 says:

These weren’t photoshopped. I can tell by the pixels

lurifix says:

fake, clearly photoshopped 

J Silva says:

I call bullshit on the last one, no way it was photo shopped. , 

cole thompson says:

0:30 that could be a land bridge

Andy Paul says:

0:30 She warped the fabric of space and time :O

Troyus says:

I dont know what this is but I clicked on it for the epic tits in thumnail.
As did 2 million others.

charles santo says:

didnt see any of it

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