Dear Kitten

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Cats everywhere are promising big changes for a taste of wet cat food. What will your cat do? Tell us: Subscribe to Friskies YouTube channel:…


Jaana Nyström says:

*Happy Saturday my dear Circleverse!*

Dear kitten… 😀

#Caturday #Kissantai 

Kim Troutman says:

*Dear Kitten*

(okay, it’s a commercial, so what, it’s cute, just watch it)

Dear Kitten

Stephanie Manley says:

These folks do the best cat commercials. #caturday 

Jim Nooney says:

Ohhhh this is good! You will smile!!!

Nico Bauer says:

#catcontent ;)

Asbjørn Grandt says:

Dear Kitten…

James Fullard says:

the voice shoulda been Morgan Freemans voice, then this video would be
awesome lol

Sam Abuelsamid says:

*Sure it’s a cat food commercial, but to anyone that has ever had it’s both
true and entertaining and it’s got Ze Frank narrating so it must be good*

martin shervington says:

*Happy Saturday my dear Circleverse!*

Dear kitten… 😀

#Caturday #Kissantai 

AirplaneRandy says:

I might as well adopt a cat now.

Dave Higgins says:

Dark Mages training cats to be astronauts.

Alan Peto says:

Dear Kitten, beware of the monster known as “Va-coom!”

Jedidiah Kurtzer says:

My cat’s breath smells like cat food.

danapipa says:

Whoever does the background voice I love it. It’s so serious and funny at
the same time!

Will L says:

Happy Caturday! Something to brighten up your day

Ella Nguyen says:

Oh dear starclan that’s adorable

Chris Pokorski says:

Boring and not funny

Joan Connelly says:

I know…another cat video shared on google….but it is a really cute

Ben Hibben says:

+ze frank has made another hilarious video (this is technically a
commercial – but it’s good content nonetheless). I’m sharing directly
rather than indulge another one of those *”You won’t believe what happens
when you click this link”* sites.

h/t +Gwen Patton 

Myles Golden says:

lol too funny – Dear Kitten, welcome to the house.

#catlovers #cats #everydayiscatday

psychobillynumbnuts1 says:

You know what’s cuter than the cutest cat??
Any dog

Winnie The Pooh says:

Puppy > kitten

Nathan Rue says:

Morgan freeman Morgan freeman Morgan freeman

Jay Chickie says:

A million views in 2 days. *slow clap*

Alan Pope says:

Oh my this is the best video ever (this week). (via +Fayad Fami ) 

mugenXZY2012 says:

Beware of the va-COOM!

Amanda Ingram says:

i couldn’t resist sharing this >o<

Merlina R. says:

so cute!!!!

Ivan Chen says:

Look at that wise cat with that cute kitten.

John Dietrich says:

*Happy Saturday my dear Circleverse!*

Dear kitten… 😀

#Caturday #Kissantai 

Kyle Weeks says:

This is a fantastic commercial! Enjoy!

Escaltan says:

Is it me or does the person speaking for this sound like Morgan Freeman?

Megami Sama says:

Super cute and funny!

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