Scott McCreery – Audition

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Scott McCreery auditioning for American Idol!


RetroGamer72 says:

Better if there was some background sounds.

Wololo says:

Country level = 96
Why such high level? 4 reasons below.
1. The awesome voice, of course
2. The big-ass cross
3. The jeans

Cory Hayes says:

Wow sounds exactly like josh turner

Brad V says:

She got so wet.

Matt Tane says:

this kids pretty amazing

I like pancakes says:

Damn, if I got a compliment like that from Steven Tyler I would shit a
million bricks and shelter the entire homeless population of Philadelphia.

sebastian cuello says:

i would listen to country music but i don’t drive a pick up and i don’t
sleep with my sister. 

TheCodejuice says:

Hell fire save matches fuck a duck and see what hatches.

0123kid says:

The thirst is real in jlos face

Elisha Grimm says:

Scotty’s voice makes my heart melt

Femke Bos says:

This just get’s me so turned on (:

butterfly4764 says:

George straight 

lanie shi kim says:

like it

Annie Marie says:

Jlo is thirsty for the D. 

Ксана К says:


FandomCentral says:

Zach beeken is 100 times better than him

mason burgenty says:

He’s amazing

Rza06 says:

Ill wit it , I mean Willie Jones shocked me but truthfully Scott is amazing
and im not a fan of country but good music is Good Music

Abbie Norton says:


June Joy Peyailug says:

amazing voice…

A96etch says:

Me he is now one of my favorite country singers 

Mattie Myles says:

He is such an amazing singer. I saw him in concert in september when I was
8 months pregnant and I’m proud to say it mine and my babys first concert

Damian Krokosz says:

Sounds like colby rasmus (baseball player)

Tommy Horn says:

Josh Turner – Your Man (Tommy Horn cover)

my cover of this song

mogie w says:

that was only what can be described as amazing!! <3

Mariah January says:

Watch me sing the girl version of this song ;)

Mohammed Amine NAHMANI says:

the awsome voice!!

Pamela Johnston says:

He has flip flops on Lol love him

Shirov Oeglandur says:

He looks a bit like Jake Bugg…

SmuxTv says:

Dude holy shit! I’m waiting to see an album

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