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The Unholy Trinity busts out their Cheerios uniforms and reunites for a scorching performance of “Toxic” by Britney Spears. Subscribe now for more Glee clips: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c…


NerdyBoy32NIGGY says:

Where are their high pony’s

JAdHum says:

I thought these kids graduated from high school like two years ago…?

badgalriri says:

Eat something, Naya! Please! Don’t know, a piece of bread? xDD

Mateja Savic says:

Naya has a great body and no she doesn’t need to eat more if she’s happy
with it. What she needs to do is learn how to do vocal runs if she’s gonna
use them in every god damn song cause she’s just howling with her stupid
little goatlike vibrato and it’s extremely annoying. 

Jesse D says:

Where the hell do they find the time to rehearse for all this?

thecupcakestealer101 says:

So was anyone else fairly certain that Quinn was the guy’s beard? Just
because of his utter disinterest in his girlfriend dancing around
suggestively in a short cheer outfit.

TVOCD says:

Will you people stop commenting on characters appearances.
Naya’s too thin?, Darren’s too fat (love is a battlefield).
How about shut up and enjoy the tv show and songs.
No ones perfect, stop being bully’s, if you haven’t noticed this show is
anti-bullying. So shut up. 

Gay Van Buren says:

My ovaries just exploded and something tells me that Dianna/Quinn was just
a third wheel in this

Viviana MariaGaming says:

did you see the text that quinns boyfriend was texting it said hey girl and
other stuff

Nati Miranda says:

0:19 awkward 

camila love says:

terrible cover :/ there other ones were better.

MyViewFromMyCouch says:

I love Quinn boyfriend wanted to know more about her, which is why he came
to Lima w/ her for a silly Glee club reunion yet when she is SINGING he’s
texting?? I know they were just making him a jerk so we would root for Puck
but it seems really stupid to have him want to know more about her yet be
texting while she up performing. Doesn’t really make sense!!

Rebekah Mikaelson says:

This trio is TOXIC!

Doryan Boalhosa says:

j’adore la voix de santana

A Small Bear says:

Santana is so annoying.

Cat Thoyts says:

everyone is talking about their bodies but can we talk about their hair?
especially dianna’s, like WOW. MANE.

DefinitelyGleek says:

I think Diana’s legs are a bit chubbier than they were in the beginning of
the show

Ani Caputo says:

OMG look at mike! I think I have a dirty mind…. 0:56

LilyJax Teller says:

This version of the song suck,it’s too slow and their voices are annoying.

jaketvize says:

Naya has chicken legs.. What happened? She was so sexy and now she looks
like an old stick!

Iesha Washington says:

I love Heather Morris’s body. I still can’t believe she gained that much
weight after her pregnancy but her body looks amazing.

Danielle Blair says:

Like this, but nothing can beat the first version with Will Shuster, he
just made it so much sexier

Amy Scott says:

I desperately want the Unholy Trinity to sing Hell On Heels by the Pistol
I think they’d KILL IT!!!!
Be even better if it was a Faberritana cover!

Gabrielle Earley says:

Who is Biff in glee? I know he was the guy texting on his phone during this
but who exactly is he?

Gleek Lovatic says:

Still not over this performance .. ♥

Turner Reed says:

I thought Nate Archibald is highly interested to girls? Why is he texting?

RogersBase says:


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